Monday, September 15, 2014

Early Frost

Well here it is Monday and I am back with you again. We enjoyed our visit with family last week and had a little surprise from Mother Nature as well. For us our first frost here is about the middle of October but Jack Frost decided to visit early this year. Friday night September 12th we had our first frost of the season. A month ahead of schedule! We had a small cool front move through dropping those temperatures to the low 30's. We spent most of the day Friday picking what we could from the garden before the frost. 

So with mounded bowls of produce on my tables and porches, I guess you can all guess what I will be doing for the coming week. It is a job washing, sorting and processing this much fruit and vegetables then preserving it. Normally I can somewhat take my time and concentrate on one crop at the time. SO this Monday morning as I drink my coffee I am serenaded by the soft whir of the dehydrator running.  The roaster is full of tomatoes and I think every tray I own will be in the freezer with some sort of vegetable freezing on it.  

The girls in the hen house are extremely happy with all this garden goodness coming their way of peelings, seeds and excess. 

So as we enjoy the cooler temperatures and dig out those sweaters we hope that you all are enjoying  the goodness of the season. The garden still has potatoes to be dug and the mustard greens and turnips are loving these cool days and growing like bad weeds. 

I will not tarry today as I have lots to do but instead wish you all peace. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. oh wow can't believe you got a frost already-we have been close to it but not yet-your peppers are gorgeous

  2. I'm in central Illinois and I couldn't believe how cold it got! I had to dig out my flannel PJs a bit early this year.
    Your produce is just beautiful...glad you were able to get it all in.

  3. We didn't quite make frost here. When I left to go fishing Sunday morning, it was 39 degrees.....Although a bit warmer at Lake Michigan.

  4. We had a bit of frost on the roof that same morning, but don't think it did any damage to the garden. Still picking a big bowl full of cherry tomatoes every day to take up to the school for their salad bar. Today I'm making sugar-free barbeque sauce from a batch of tomatoes picked Saturday. Sugar Baby watermelons still abound as do raspberries. I'm taking about 40 pounds of potatoes to my crafting group on Thursday in hope someone will want to take them home. (We've gone 'low carb' since planting in he spring...already given away about 30 pounds of potatoes already.) Just had a nice rain here. Not so great for the farmers trying to get the corn in out of the field, but I sure enjoyed it. Your red bell peppers are beautiful! Have a great one! K ~

  5. Oh has it been cold! Glad you all had a great visit!

  6. It has been cold here as well and we were supposed to have a frost last night so I managed to things picked. We woke to temps in the low to mid 40's so I guess I picked everything for nothing :( I sure hope that winter doesn't come early. Glad you had a nice visit with your family.

  7. Oh, that is an early frost! It looks like you have all the ingredients for salsa there!

  8. We haven't had any frost yet, but I pulled the last of my onions. All that's left are the tomatoes and we'll let them stay on the vines to ripen as long as we can. - Margy


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