Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vanilla Flavoring

I've started my next batch of vanilla beans soaking in vodka to use as vanilla flavoring. I like mine really strong so I don't have to use as much so I start it soaking when the jar I am presently using gets about half empty.  I also make lemon and orange extract the same way with my peelings and vodka. If you like to bake this is the easiest way to make your own.   

O Wise One keeps a small bottle of extract out by the rabbit pens during the spring and summer. If he has to handle the tiny babies for any reason he puts a drop or two of extract on the mama rabbits nose. By the time the vanilla scent wears off the human scent left on the babies has gone. 

My grandmother used to warm vanilla flavoring and put in your ear for an earache. 

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  1. I was just pricing around for buying vanilla extract and I decided to start making my own. Store bought is VERY expensive. I am going to have to try the orange extract, sounds good.

  2. I definitely have to try making the lemon & orange extract.. Yum! I buy my 100% pure vanilla extract from a Mexican goods store but I also make my own just for kicks.. I bought my beans from Olive Nation online... Where do you get yours & what kind are they? Mine are Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla beans.. They have really good sales on this site on occasion so I bought when the getting was good..

    1. I buy mine from the Amish Store not far from my house.

  3. Sounds like you make your extracts a little different. I just keep adding beans and vodka to the same bottle. (I do hate supporting the alcohol industry, however, thats all they get from me--2 to 4 16 ounce bottles of vodka a year).

  4. A few questions: Do you store the vodka & beans in the refrigerator, on the countertop or in your pantry? How long do you allow the vanilla beans to soak, or do the beans stay in the jar until the vanilla is all used? Do you remove the bean after a certain amount of time then replace with new beans? Do you totally start a new batch or add more vodka and vanilla beans to the amount remaining? Thank you for answering - I would like to make this!!!


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