Friday, August 16, 2013

Corn, Grapes And Rabbits

Last I posted about canning I had finished the first batch of corn and was ready to bag it. My corn was picked that morning and blanched in a large pot on a fish cooker out on the lawn. Once blanched we put it in ice water to cool and then I put it inside and started cutting it off the cob. Just me and a knife and bowl. Once cut off the cob we placed it in vacuum bags.

The end of the bags are folded down and they are stacked on cookie sheets and put in the freezer to freeze. (Not sealed)

We freeze the bags unsealed because if not the vacuuming process will suck any excess liquid up into the seal preventing it from sealing properly. Once frozen they can be sealed without that happening.

The great thing about doing it this way also is that they stack so nicely in the freezer. In the end we had 34 bags of frozen corn off the cob with corn still in the field. 

O Wise One has been busy also butchering rabbits. We also froze up 12 bags of rabbit pieces and 2 bags of rabbit loins. Pure white low fat meat raised right here on this farm. Used much the same way as chicken grilled, barbecued and smoked.

I also picked the first of the grapes to beat the birds to them. 

And canned my first 7 quarts of grape juice. 

Friday's jobs okra 

And LOTS of cabbage

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. You are so smart! I've struggled with liquids being pulled into the seal for years. Thought I'd tried everything without success. Definitely trying this later today. Thanks!

  2. I have never had rabbit meat but I have heard that it is good. Years ago a farmer had corn fields across from our house and when "his" season was almost over for selling the corn, we could have whatever was left. There was always plenty left for us. We would usually freeze anywhere from 12 to 30 dozen ears of corn. My husband, me and our two children would go pick the corn in the morning, and they would stay outside and husk it while I would get everything ready in the kitchen to blanch it. When all of that was done, all four of us would sit around the table and me and hubby would cut it off of the cob and the kids would put the corn in freezer bags. A lot of stories and laughs were shared on those days.

  3. You never cease to amaze me with everything you and O Wise One accomplish; the Mrs's and I are hoping to try raising rabbits ourselves next year.

  4. Brilliant! Thank you so much for the tip on the Foodsaver. Recently I had a real mess when I was bagging beets. Never even thought to freeze them BEFORE sealing. Duh!

  5. You two make a heck of a team!

  6. I think it is great that you write about the rabbits. We also raise rabbits for meat. My DH butchered 30 this week and I ground all the meat. It makes great burgers, sausage, and I use it in any recipes that call for ground beef. It is such a healthy, lean meat!

    1. You know Ann I would so like to do more rabbit posts but several years ago I wrote a post about rabbit butchering and got some absolutely hateful responses which I immediately deleted along with the post. I occasionally sneak one in and rabbit meat is such a wonderful and healthy meat and so easy to raise on a small homestead. Easy to butcher at home. We have ground it also and use it in sausage and such also. It is also a great substitute in many recipes for chicken. It cans wonderfully and I always have jars of it in my pantry. The poop is a great fertilizer in the garden and does not require composting like many manures and will not burn. Just a great all around healthy meat source for small farms and even city dwellers.

    2. I would really like to see more posts on rabbits also! We have added them to our farm this year and are eagerly waiting for them to get to butchering weight! We are trying to get over the "cute bunny" syndrome, because I know its not going to be a pleasant task. It is part of farm life as you well know, and I wouldnt give anyone a second thought with their negativity! I also plan to tan the pelts to learn a new craft. Blessings to you.


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