Saturday, August 17, 2013

Okra, Squash, Cabbage and Green Onions

As the season progresses I continue to preserve whatever is piling up in my kitchen on that given day. I find that daily sessions keep me from accumulating an overwhelming pile of over ripe produce. If I have more than I can handle I send some over to my daughter. this week my daughter received a 5 gallon bucket of green beans and a dishpan of broccoli and a large head of cabbage. Just sharing the wealth. With three children to feed she is talking about buying another freezer : )

The okra is finally starting to produce enough to freeze. It seemed to languish there in the cooler than average temperatures for awhile blooming but just not setting fruit.  The tomatoes are also being slow to ripen for the same reason. 

 On this day the produce of choice was yellow squash, zucchini and okra. First thing I did was slice and blanch both using which ever blanching method you prefer. You can immerse in water, steam or run through the microwave. As for me I ran mine through the microwave for 3 minutes in glass baking dishes then cooled. I like doing okra this way, no water no slime!  I sliced my vegetables on my mandolin slicer to get a uniform thickness to all.

Once my vegetables were cool then they were immersed in an egg and milk combination.

Then I use one of my favorite utensils that I picked up from Bass Pro. ( Ladies it can pay to tag along because some of those sporting goods places have the neatest kitchen tools) 

This is a bowl made for breading fish but it works for veggies too. You simply place your breading on the bottom of the bowl.

Now place your fish or in this case veggies on the rack. Put the lid on and invert a couple times. As you rotate it coats your food. I just find this so much easier than a plastic bag.

I season my cornmeal and flour breading with just a little seasoning salt and a touch of cajun seasoning. 

This year I tried something different that I had heard about on the comments section of this blog and I greased two baking sheets with just a little olive oil and then placed my breaded veggies in a 350 degree oven and baked for about 20 minutes. I have to tell you I loved it. It set the coating and dried it out a touch. It cooked my already blanched veggies even more thus shortening the time I will have to bake them in the end. By hardening that shell these should freeze better lessening the amount of breading that comes off during the handling, freezing and final baking phases. 

Once baked 20 minutes I simply take them out of the oven and let the hot sheets cool.

Then I just popped the cool baking sheets in the freezer. This morning I will take out and vacuum seal in bags. During the winter these will be taken out and browned in the oven. My family rarely eats fried vegetables but love chicken, fish and vegetables such as these all oven fried. I am going to experiment with some fried green tomatoes this way as well. 

I love this method and thank you my loyal readers for all that you share back with me!

Another thing about this is that you know between the blanching and the 20 minutes in the oven that the food is blanched well underneath all that breading. 

I have also started whittling away at that mountain of cabbage in my laundry room. I am making freezer slaw daily and freezing. I mix a batch and freeze. Then remove the slaw from the containers and freezing in vacuum bags and then refilling the containers and freezing again. Once I have all the freezer slaw I want then we will move on to kraut. 

The dehydrator has also been running daily with loads of green onions and basil. I may not have to buy basil until well...... never!

On this Saturday morning I am going to catch up on some much needed housework and make zucchini pineapple and more freezer slaw. I can't wait until Sunday and a day off. I don't have to cook all weekend because we have been invited to a fish fry tonight and a back yard barbecue tomorrow. With plenty of leftovers in the fridge for lunch and frozen muffins and pancakes in the freezer for breakfast everyone is on their own this weekend. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I finished freezing zucchini, green beans, corn, and hamburger. I definitely need another freezer. But this weekend I'm heading out to my local stitch shop for their annual "garage' sale. Patterns at very low prices, be still my heart! Other than that I will be staring at my tomato plants, urging them to ripen :)

  2. Today, we are going into Casper and taking our oldest grandson (10) to the Lincoln Exhibit at the Public Library. Then we'll take him to lunch. School starts here on Monday, so we've spent this week trying to spent some extra time with the school age grandchildren in between canning.

    Sunday, we will probably do a little necessary dehydrating (don't want the food to go bad) and rest. Resting for us, however, might be watching an Agatha Christie, Hogan's Heros, or Homestead Blessings DVD (we don't wish to connect with the television world so don't have cable or satellite any longer.) Reading is always on the agenda :).

    Thanks, once again, for this blog; I look forward to your posts each day.

    Enjoy your rest day :).

    1. I spent a day with my granddaughter Gracie Last week : )

  3. We love to use Tony's in our breading as well!

  4. I wonder when you (and O Wise One) ever sleep!! SMile.... Would you mind sharing more in detail how you make the freezer slaw? I truly would appreciate it! I loved the item you purchased from Bass Pro Shop to bread the veggies. Am going to check that out! You are such an inspiration and full of many answers for all of us! Thank you!

    1. you can find my tutorial for freezer slaw at the link below

    2. Thank you so much.... I feel badly for you taking the time to answer... just noticed the 'search this site' on the side bar! So sorry, but thank you! You are truly an amazing gal in this day & time!

  5. Yep, I'm bone lazy and worthless. You shame me with all you accomplish in a day.

    1. Are you kidding me look at all that building you been doing! Water features and sheds, fixin floors and blowing up trees ; )

  6. Your blog is wonderful...even my husband is asking me what is new on your blog today. Thank you so much.

    Finger Lakes, New York

    1. You know it amazes me at the number of men that read and follow my blog! They are all welcome and I try to post something every so often for the guys like something about hunting or fishing or the outdoors kind of stuff. A lot of guys are into canning and preserving food now also : )

  7. I just saw your reply to Susannah and you are so right. My husband reads your blog on his computer every morning, then comes up to breakfast and says, "Have you read Hickery Holler this morning." Of course, I have, but I let him go on and on about your wonderful pictures and food preserving. You always give such good suggestions.

    On our way to pick up our grandson today, my husband was chatting about the breading on the okra. He said we should try that on the green tomatoes as you mentioned. He loves recipes, canning, dehydrating, and photography; he's not a sportsman and we haven't been fishing since I caught all the fish the time we went 44 years ago (LOL).

    You are amazing and very much appreciated in this household.

    1. Aaawwwww! You tell that husband of yours CQ sends him a great big Hickery Holler hug : )

    2. Will do :). He will feel quite honored.

  8. Hello from KY,
    I have wanted to send you a beig THANK YOU for sometime now. You inspire me beyond words and I dearly appreciate the time you take to share your experiences and knowledge with the rest of us.
    I have been trying your canning/freezing techniques and recipes and they have all been delicious and so easy to follow.
    I wanted to ask about the Hugelkultur bed you mentioned starting last year. I created a small one myself, by digging out the dirt at one end of my raised bed and putting a layer of rotting wood underneath. I don't see a large difference in the plants that grew on this space opposed to other locations in my garden, but perhaps that won't be obvious for another year. Anyway, thanks for all you share with us.
    Take Care,
    Donna in KY


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