Monday, July 8, 2013

Those Summer Blossoms

 June was the month for rose bushes loaded with an over abundance of blossoms. The smell of roses along with the sweet clove smell of the cheddar pinks carried on the breeze. the showers of June have given way to the heat of the July summer and the occasional shower along the way. And right on schedule the roses and peony give way to the summer blooms of the red trumpet vine, and the hummingbirds are found most of the afternoons feeding on those long red flowers.

July also brings with it the return of not only the wild day lillies along the country roads but also the ones in my gardens.  

And the flower so symbolic of summer to me, the shasta daisy. Simplicity in itself.

What's blooming in your area right now?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I love lilies. They are my favorite flower. My dad sent me some really nice ones and planted them in a flower garden he made for me. We didn't expect them to bloom this year, but I was very excited to see those red and orange flowers. Now my yellow ones are opening and my orange ones are about to open.

  2. gorgeous blooms-thanks for sharing with us

  3. Just lovely. I bet the humming birds love that first one!

  4. Your daisies are beautiful! What daylilies we have left are blooming. The deer have been eating them and we don't know why. We have had them for years and they have never touched them before. We usually have hundreds of lilies bloom each year, but now only have about 15 that are going to bloom.

  5. Ah, daisies. Love in a Flower. And yes, simplicity.


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