Monday, July 8, 2013

Farm Journal 7/8/13

 Our friend the huge black snake that lives in the shed has lost its' skin. It is funny to watch the Scottie dogs shred it over and over thinking it is a snake. O Wise One finally picked it up and done away with it. 

Neighbor brought us some zucchini : ) Gotta love the country.... gave him some eggs. 

The gnats are terrible !!!!!! Normally they are gone by now but for some reason they are hanging around longer this year. We also treated the dogs for ticks yesterday.

Broody hen in the chicken house and I set 12 eggs under her. Still waiting for the broody mama turkey to hatch her eggs.

We sure could use a little rain!

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. I would gladly send some rain your way if I could. I don't think that we have gone 24 hours in a row without it raining. I honestly can't remember the last time it has been sunny all day long. Half of the month of May, most of June and so far July has been grey and dismal. I will send the rain if you send some sun :).

  2. Floods and hydro outs in one of the cities over here Toronto Ontario , nothing for us way out here in our country valley village just dark clouds with nothing ! Sounds like things are doing ok there glad to hear it ! Yup gota love the country and farmers helping farmers ! I can see and hear the dogs snarling to each other , It's mine, no it's mine lol! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  3. I wish I could send you some rain, we sure can use some too.
    Temperatures to reach 100+ the rest of this week here.

  4. I have a hen set to hatch on the 18th. I also lost 2 hens and their eggs to a coon. The coon now resides on a stretcher in the shop! We had a beautiful black snake but had to relocate it to our neighbor's barn as it kept getting in my chicken house. We moved it more than once. It's great that you can keep yours around.

  5. Are the knatty beasts inside your house? If you've got a wand on your vacuum cleaner.. suck those little devils up! I had a horrendous problem with knats and tried all sorts of ways to get rid of them..but they repopulated as fast as I could get rid of em.. Finally one day I was vacuuming and the idea stuck me.. suck those babies up. I have a Dyson so I take the canister outside to empty every time I use it.. so I was taking them outside so they couldnt find their way out to annoy me again.. It worked! Someone told me that they breed in your sink pipes so keep them shut off if you can.


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