Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daily Farm Journal...Haying Time

The hay is cut and on the ground as of yesterday afternoon. O Wise One and I both got up early this morning and spent several hours in the garden weeding, watering and all around gardening chores until the heat ran us inside seeking water and cooler air.

I managed to get all my jars of beets washed and labeled and put in the pantry.  

 While I was cooking the noon meal and supper I managed to get some laundry washed and O Wise One put it out on the line for me. Can ya tell?

 We had red beans and rice and some zucchini smothered in onions and bacon bits and cornbread.
I grated the extra zucchini and made 2 loaves of bread for snacking on.

During the summer we like the routine of eating a noon meal and then resting for a couple hours in the heat of the day to return to chores later in the day when it is cooler. Leftovers are warmed for the supper meal if anyone wants them. This time of year there is always some veggies for snacking and salad fixins in the fridge as well.  We just don't like coming in at dark which is after 9:00 pm and eating a huge meal.

With the meal dishes clean and the laundry on the line I might get a little computer time in before we return to the garden and chores.

And just our luck as we get hay on the ground and laundry on the line we hear thunder to the north toward the Iowa line. Somebody's getting some rain... just not us. Not Yet!

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  1. I had to laugh at the pic of the laundry line, when my other half puts the laundry out for me it seems like total chaos. Things hung willy nilly it's most amusing. (Kinda annoying too. Lol)

  2. I chuckled this morning at the laundry line. While growing up I was in charge of the laundry. We had the typical wringer washer of the time and our clothes hung on the line; even in town. Recently when our dryer went out, I was tempted to get a wringer washer, but the thought was fleeting as we wash two loads a day just for the two of us and since we live in town no one hangs laundry out. I miss the wringer washer - there was something very soothly and satisfying about doing laundry that way.

    Your pictures are always so nice to view. Your Zucchini Bread looks delicious.

    You start my day each morning and encourage me to work harder. Thank you.

  3. I had to laugh at your comment about the laundry. When I had my ICD implanted in May, I had my husband, daughter and son helping with the laundry. If it was nice out I made someone hang it up. It was hung so crazy that I just kept telling myself not to look and at least they were helping me. I think that I have OCD when it comes to hanging laundry on the line!!

  4. You inspire me everyday as I read your blog. I just made your zucchini bread recipe today and it is most delicious! I think this is my favorite recipe for zucchini bread and will be throwing out my others. Husbands, they do try don't they?

  5. Your laundry line had me chuckling for sure! I have this "thing" about hanging my laundry out. LOL. From reading the comments, I am not alone. I believe us clothesline lovers all have the same problem.

    Funny thing this morning was that the other day, my dad told me he was going to "fix up my clothes lines". He tightened everything and had it looking sharp. Well... as I was hanging out a load of jeans this morning at 7AM before we left for work, one of my lines fell OFF (EEek!). It just about KILLED me to leave it like that all day. I quickly hung the jeans on another line, coiled up the loose line, and left. I hated that! But worse, when I got home? My jeans were sagging almost to the ground and the other line is hanging low. Which reminds me... I need to get out there and fix that clothes line!

    My hubby hangs clothes just like that! I love the willy nilly comment. That describes my husband's hanging technique to a T! But, you gotta love a man who will hang out the laundry! That says something about the love he has for his wife (or clean clothes, right?)!

    Great post! As always! Keep 'em coming!



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