Thursday, June 6, 2013

Turkey Nesting Boxes

One of the mama turkey hens keeps trying to nest on the shelf in the turkey house that we use to store extra feeders and waterers. Since this shelf is about six foot off the ground we know that if the babies fall off that shelf they will probably break their neck. For some reason this one hen thinks she's an eagle or something. So O Wise One compromised and since she obviously does not want to nest on the ground with all the other hens he built her a nesting box up off the ground. Geez... what we do for these animals : ) Thought I would post a picture in case anyone else runs across this problem. Just nailed together from scrap lumber it is about 3 foot off the ground and has a rail in the front for her to stand on. 

Gosh these expecting mama's are so demanding.....  

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. so nice of you guys to accommadate her

  2. I like the nest box..great idea. I have never had a turkey try to nest that high:) too funny.

  3. has the "eagle" landed in the new nest? Good job. Hope she likes it.

  4. so I have a black spanish girl now 7 months old and laying all over the coop in the mud and cold...she is with 2 toms of her breed.....mostly because one was masquerading as a hen until recently. Do you have suggested dimensions for a box? I'm not the best carpenter, so I need all the help, pictures, suggestions,etc. That I can find! Thanks in advance for your help!


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