Wednesday, June 5, 2013


They don't call them June bearing strawberries for nothing! Right on time the first few strawberries are turning red.  Grandson Hank has been watching these and checks them every time he comes. It has been so cool that they are ripening really slowly and many are trying to rot with all the rain. But we do manage to salvage enough for the grandchildren.  

These poor berries have been snowed on and hailed on 3 times just in May. I don't think we will have a bumper crop but any will be a blessing. 

The one hundred new strawberry roots out in the garden that I just planted have struggled after that late snow but are doing okay. They will make very little this year and I have actually pinched some of the berries off trying to encourage the plants to develop roots rather than fruit. Next year will be the year for them to produce.

Strawberries are one of the fruits that my children and grandchildren look forward to most. (last years harvest pictured above)

Nothing beats the taste of a homemade strawberry rhubarb pie....

Unless maybe it's strawberry rhubarb jam....

Or strawberry shortcake with strawberries fresh from the garden and homemade whipped cream....

Or maybe strawberry trifle...

What's your favorite strawberry recipe?

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  1. The trifle, no, the shortcake, no, fresh w/whipped cream, no, jam on homemade toast, no, Oh I can't make up my mind.

  2. It all looks fantastic to me! Last week we picked a bunch of Strawberries. You can go here to read about it. Happy picking!!

  3. Last year I made a ton of jam with my strawberries. I have 3 jars left, but our strawberries won't be ready for another couple of weeks.

  4. I love making and eating strawberry jam. Your trifle looks like what my mom makes and brings to my house when we have picnics.

  5. Fresh from the garden and shortcake are my favorites.

  6. Strawberry jam and Strawberry pie. Absolute favorites, hands down.

  7. I also ordered Strawberry plants from Stark Bros this year. The plants seem so... odd! They are just roots and a tiny nubbin of plant at the top! I hope by next year they are as pretty as yours and get to growing!


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