Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Lineup And May Day

Happy May Day! The April showers have definitely brought May flowers but I'm just not sure how long they will last. The heavy spring rains of late have taken their toll on many of the spring flowers. The daffodils were really short lived with several snow storms on them : ( 

After a long winter of browns even a few less than perfect blooms are a welcome sight. 

I know with heavy rains and snow showers again in the future for later in the week these beautiful tulips are doomed. I think I will cut them and place them on the table for what time they have left. 

With heavy drought last year the lawn grass has lots of patches where the grass died out. With a patchy grass cover it has allowed plenty of dandelions to pop up in it's place. As you can see the cool weather and excessive rainfall hasn't slowed them down much. Hmmm maybe I'll make some dandelion wine! 

The fruit trees continue to bloom and the humming of bees as they work the blossoms can be heard long before you reach the trees. I guess spring has truly settled in. Many of the local farmers are late on starting their planting and are trying to make up for lost time these last few nice days. 

The noise of tractors and planters can be heard from a long way off as they move through the fields. Every now and then they can be seen roaring past the farm on the gravel road out front. Now is a particularly dangerous time to travel the narrow, hilly, gravel and dirt back roads. You have to always move over toward the top of the hills because you never know what huge piece of farm equipment might crest that hill at any moment. They like to travel the small back roads to avoid the busy highways but can make things a little treacherous for those of us that live off the beaten path and travel these roads often.   

This time of year the community is buzzing with who caught the most crappie on their latest fishing trip because this is the time of year for crappie fishing. And along with crappie season is the excitement of morel mushrooms. And along with both of those, yes the ticks are back and healthy as ever. O Wise went went mushroom hunting yesterday and after his trip I picked 35 ticks off of his body, mostly tiny hatchlings looking for that first meal. 

Sp let's see, we have flowers, bees, ticks and truly must be spring. We're just gonna pull the curtains and ignore those stray snowflakes at the end of the week.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter    


  1. Those Confederate Violets in the first pic are really gorgeous! I have some in my yard, but they don't grow as lush as yours. Thanks for sharing the photo.

  2. loved all your photos too-we have spring too, the leaves are finally showing up on the trees-we are to be cold too-sigh

  3. I too have brought some fresh cut flowers in to enjoy since the heavy rains usually cut short the blooms. We have beautiful violets and dandelions as well that don't seem to pay any attention to the weather.I have already gotten a tick off myself, just yesterday and I was only in our yard. This I am not looking forward to. Perhaps we should get some guineas...I hear they devour ticks.

  4. The hubby said that because our winter here in NH was not as cold or snowy as years past, that the ticks did not totally die off and they will be bad this year. Have yet to see any myself, but he sure has.

  5. The flowers are just beautiful! I see people that get aggravated about farm equipment on the roads, not the locals but 'out of county' people. They just don't get it.

  6. CQ,

    Beautiful pictures of your flowers, I hope the weather doesn't get to bad for you.
    We have the same problem here. Hubby and I pulled plants in doors and covered what we have planted which is not much because of this weather.


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