Thursday, May 2, 2013

Farm Supper

With cold weather on the way we picked all the asparagus spears that we could find above ground knowing that if it snowed on top of the spears they would be no good. Normally we pick asparagus about the first of April but with the cooler temperatures it is about a month late. I think it should have waited a couple more weeks!

We got a nice size bowl for a first picking. The chickens have started laying again with more sunlight and we gathered about 16 dozen eggs last month. Locally heavy rains have dropped so much rain on the little dirt roads that very few will tackle the mud to venture out here beyond the sidewalks and stoplights when eggs are available in town. Therefore right now we have a plethora of eggs in the refrigerator. 

 Hmmmm...Asparagus, eggs, down home farm bacon, lettuce in the spinner.

Yes indeed it sounds like quiche to me.

Salad with boiled farm eggs, my own pickled beets, fresh roasted asparagus and homemade garlic parmesan croutons. Not to mention a homemade buttermilk dressing.

And beside it quiche, warm from the oven, overflowing with fresh asparagus, fresh eggs, homegrown onions, chives from the garden, melted cheese and little chunks of crispy home grown home smoked bacon.  I even threw in a couple chopped morel mushrooms O Wise one found fresh today. And all inside a beautiful brown flaky crust made with none other than home grown and rendered leaf lard. Makes the flakiest pie crust you will ever eat !

 Who cares if the mud in the roads is knee deep. Who's going anywhere with good farm eating like this on the table. The recipes to the pie crust and the quiche are linked below.

What a great way to use up some of those eggs that are piling up. Breakfast or dinner ...quiche is always a winner.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter



  1. Oh my gosh. I am sitting in my office listening in on a company wide conference call. I decided to read a few blogs & of course I run across this one. Now my stomach is growling & I want that quiche! Oh well, my salad plus sausage/potato/onion/pepper mix will have to do.

  2. Off to fix lunch. Somehow I know nothing I fix will taste as good as this!

  3. Oh my.. thats my idea of a heavenly supper.. That salad looks divine!

    I have a few plants outside my back door.. and yesterday I got a good sized handful of big fat spears.. I really do need to plant a whole lot more.. We love asparagus.. I really need to move out into the country so I can grow all I want.. oh yeah.. Im dreaming. ;)

  4. I always make a quiche with our first batch of asparagus! That was a few weeks ago for us. We had asparagus again tonight with roasted red potatoes & fish. Delicious.

  5. I just got home from work and I am reading this as I eat leftover meatballs. Your food looks so much better! Yummy!!!!!

  6. Mmmm the quiche looks amazing! Yum!


  7. Looks great!We are starting our first asparagus patch this year. Off topic, I have strawberry questions. I have only grown a few in the past with little success. They were gave to me and the weeds took over:( Anyway we have started and new patch at our new home, some where gave to us and some I transplanted from someones old patch. Should I pinch the flowers off this year or let them grow berries? Also, when the runners start do you leave them attached or transplant else where? And last one, I know in an older post of yours you start over every few years, but what about all those runners do they not make as large of a plant of the mother plant? Thank you in advance for any advice!

  8. Yum, yum, yum! I love eatin' from the yard! We're from Texas, so our asparagus patch is almost done for the year. Thanks to this cold spurt (where did that come from?!) we may have a few more stalks before it goes dormant.

    Your posts are so inspiring, by the way... I am so encouraged when I come across a family who still uses their resources wisely. Thanks for sharing!

  9. oh yum loved what you made with your asparagus-we are getting that cold snap here too-arrived today-so I picked the spinach and lettuce I could and a few radishes too

  10. I love quiche as well with a good salad. We eat this a lot during the summer with fresh veggies as an additon to the quiche. I've never tried asparagus in the quiche; I bet that is delicious. I am still waiting on my asparagus to produce a good crop. I am hoping next year will be the year. It will mark the third year of the bed's existence. What we have picked so far this year, gets eaten before we make it to the house. I do love asparagus and the stuff in the stores is no comaparison to home grown. If someone says they don't like asparagus, I tell them they need to try some fresh homegrown.


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