Tuesday, April 30, 2013


While out and about O Wise One always keeps his eyes out for treasures. The local small grocery/convenience store has a small deli in the back. They were selling this 1 gallon glass olive jar with lid for 50 cents. It will make a great storage jar for sugar/flour etc. or for making pickles. 

And these one gallon plastic mayo jars with lids were 25 cents. 

And with 2 growing grandsons this could come in handy. The price was 0 the lady just wanted it out of her yard. It should go nicely with the sand box and wading pool that we already have for Hank. 

Nothing like spring bargains.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Yay for scavenging!! We use those gallon jars every day for storing our extra goat's milk. The kids also think they work perfectly for the odd salamander, toad or stunned bird that happens to need a new temporary home:)

    Glad you're feeling better Momma Hooch! Knock on wood, we've missed most of the crud up North.

  2. Nothing better than a good deal :-)

  3. I envy you O Wise One. My hubby would not look for stuff like that.
    Have a blessed week. ♥

  4. If you have a Walmart nearby ~ ask in their bakery for large icing buckets and lids. Sometimes you can get them for free, but usually they are $1 each. We was them well, dry them and use for all sorts of things.


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