Monday, April 29, 2013

The Endless Winter

Sorry I disappeared for a few days there. I caught a terrible case of some sort of stomach bug but am finally feeling better. And just in time I might add! Sunshine has indeed returned to Hickery Holler, all be it briefly. By the end of the week they are predicting a return to 40 degree temperatures and a chance for possible snow showers. Have I mentioned that this weather is driving me crazy? But for today the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and all is well. 

Monday is laundry day and I am taking advantage of the sunshine to hang some washed quilts in the sunshine. With a slight breeze they will dry quickly. 

While we're at it let's throw open those doors and windows, turn them ceiling fans on and enjoy the fresh breeze. 

The turkeys are again laying and we are starting to collect eggs for hatching. Maybe enough by this weekend to set our first clutch. These eggs are not washed and are turned every day prior to even being put in the incubator.  

Even though winter is not giving up so easily we enjoy what breaks we get. With cold temperatures and rain almost every day last week the ground and gardens are saturated. There are also rain chances for most of this week starting tonight. After last years drought looks like mother nature is gonna give us all last years rainfall added to our normal rainfall. I have a feeling that when it finally does level off there will be little springlike weather and we will go directly into summer weather patterns.  

How's your spring shaping up?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter  


  1. You guys can't catch a break at all. We threw our doors & windows open yesterday as well. All too soon, it will be too hot & humid to even think about leaving them open.

  2. sounds like we are getting similiar weather. I was able to enjoy being outdoors most of today. the wind has picked up now. I love hanging my laundry outdoors. my main line broke end of last year's drying season so I need to remember to pick up another. glad you are on the mends

  3. Sorry to hear you were ill . Glad you are feeling better now ! Our spring has finally arrived as it should be but some parts way north of us are still having snow showers as well ! This years weather has been weird for every one I think ! Thanks for sharing , lovely photos ! Have a good day !

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better. You were missed!!! I always look forward to your next blog. :)

  5. It has frozen two nights this week and was ninety on Marcy's porch this afternoon.

    The garden was attacked by something just pulling up onions and clipping the cabbage off at a nice angle. The intruder/destroyer has been caught...a fox squirrel caught in the act.

    He became a dog treat.

  6. Glad that you are feeling better and that you were able to enjoy the nice weather.

  7. CQ,

    I'm happy to hear you're feeling better.

    Potatoes, strawberries, mint, and blueberries are starting to show some growth. The garden beds are set for planting. I'm a bit hesitate because of the upcoming cold front.

  8. So happy to hear you're feeling better. Current beautiful weather does make it easier to ignore what the weatherman is predicting don't it... Atleast for the day!


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