Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tickfaw Sweet Relish

What do you do when you have cucumbers running out of your ears? Make relish !

This is my go to Sweet Pickle Relish Recipe. Sixteen years ago O Wise One, Baby O and I took a ride in the country in Louisiana where we were living at the time. I had heard on the radio show called the "swap shop" that someone had cucumbers for sale. Since I didn't have any that year we took a leisurely drive to buy cucumbers. It was toward the Mississippi line and the drive was truly OFF the beaten path. Seems like we drove back into the woods forever when we found it. This little wooden cabin looked like something out of a story book. On the front porch in her rocker was this little old lady. While O Wise One and this ladies' son went to the garden to pick my cucumbers this lady latched on to Baby O. It will always stick in my mind because I don't ever think that I have seen a grandma enjoy a baby more. I was beginning to wonder if I would get Baby O back.  She sat on that front porch and rocked chubby little Baby O  and Baby O laughed and entertained her. She asked what I was doing with all those cucumbers and when I told her that I was making relish she gave me this recipe.  I came home and wrote it inside my Ball Blue Book and have been using it ever since. These pickles go on sandwiches and in potato, egg and tuna salads. Every time I make this relish I remember a little old lady sitting in her porch rocker saying " look at them rolls on that baby, this baby is healthy the way babies are supposed to be !!! " 

I can't help but laugh as now I am that gray haired little old lady passing that same recipe on to you.  Just click on the Ball Book to enlarge it. 

Bring them babies by any time : )

I'll be happy to fatten them up for ya.


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  1. We have a Swap Shop on the radio here in North Carolina every Saturday morning. We have looked for one in Louisiana when we are there, but have not found one yet. Either they don't have one in the Alexandria area, or the program has ceased.

    It is something we are going to miss (one of the few things, haha) about North Carolina.

    Thanks for sharing the relish recipe!

  2. Thanks for sharing this recipe and the was most enjoyable.

  3. Loved this story! It made me smile:)) If I were closer I'd bring my big kids over:))

  4. What a beautiful story...and that lady lives on in her recipe and now in our minds.

  5. Gotta love country folks! The recipe sounds a lot like bread and butter pickles but with peppers added. My family makes a relish we called green tomato ketchup that we ate with white beans and I wonder if you make that too?

  6. This sounds amazing! Unfortunately the BF prefers dill relish. Do you a recipe for that?!

  7. A friend just sent me to your blog! Do you water bath or pressurize can these? Thank you!

  8. Hi there, I love your stories and your blog..just discovered it today and read it all around :] My question is; if we leave them as is will they keep a long time? If we were to water bath how long do you think is proper? Thank you.
    Have a lovely day

  9. Hello, I'm planning on making this sweet relish but I wasn't sure what kind of bell pepper I should use? I automatically assume to use Red bell peppers but just wanted to confirm.


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