Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bounty Of The Harvest

Today was a whirlwind of activity. Laundry on the line and sheets blowing in the breeze by 8:00 am. Today was also a picking day and the afternoon was spent sorting and washing our pick. Tomatoes were frozen to deal with at a later date. Lots of cherry, plum and pear tomatoes that I think I will roast tomorrow in the oven. Zucchini for zucchini bread to freeze. I want to bread and freeze some more summer squash for oven frying. And our first picking of okra that we ate tonight for supper breaded and baked in the oven along with pork chops and cucumber and tomato salad.  All these fresh summer veggies make for such wonderful summer meals.

They are calling for storms tonight and another three inches of rain. We had hoped to get that other three rows of beans picked today but ran out of time. O Wise One has a township board meeting tonight so we had to wrap up early.

 What's everyone else picking out there?

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  1. My little garden has been neglected while I've been working in the evenings but I am getting some okra and squash and now the temperature is lower the beans are trying to set on! My next goal is to plant the fall crops of winter kale, garlic, brussel sprouts and kohlrabi. It is an experiment this year. Oh and mustard and turnips. Its time to get them in the ground!

  2. I'm picking lima beans, zuchinni/summer squash,tomatos and its time to bring in the rutabaga. My beans didn't do too well though we do get enough for an occassional side dish.
    Your photos are luscious! What do you do with frozen tomatos later?

  3. We are through with the garden here in NE Texas.
    Is has been soooo HOT & dry this year. I envy you your harvest that is still going on but I am glad that I am not having to deal with it in this heat. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog with us.


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