Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden Update

 The strawberries are loaded with little white blooms. If we can keep the birds at bay and the chickens out of them we should have a bumper crop of berries on the established plants. We also planted those 50 new plants and may get a few off them this year. They will not really come into full production until next year. They need at least a year to become established. These strawberries are all a June bearing variety called Earliglo purchased from Stark Bros which is a fruit tree and berry nursery right here in Missouri. Most of our fruit trees and berry bushes came from them.  

 The first lettuce is ready and we are already enjoying fresh salads regularly. We have successive plantings of lettuce and spinach about 3 weeks apart for a continuous supply of salads and wilted lettuce until hot weather strikes and they bolt. Then they are fed to the chickens and hogs.

 The broccoli and cabbage are coming along nicely. You can see them here planted within wire rings to keep the rabbits at bay. They will stay within the rings until they completely fill the ring and then the rings will be removed.

 Young cabbage


Rows of potatoes and onions. Red potatoes and white potatoes, sweet onions and green onions. The red potatoes I put in jars as new potatoes and eat fresh. The white potatoes are for eating fresh and are especially good for baking and french fries. We do not try to store potatoes here over winter. We have thought of giving it a try and maybe if we get a bumper crop we might give that a try. The green onions and sweet onions are frozen for winter use. 

Wire rings of sweet green garden peas. They will grow up the wire rings and when they are done cucumbers will be planted on the rings.

Below are a new variety of heirloom green peas that I am trying from England. They are supposed to reach a height of 10 feet or more. So O Wise One put up a fence of cow panels and metal posts to support them.

How is your garden growing?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter

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