Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Return of the Critters

As the days gradually warm and I go about my daily activities I now start to see more wildlife stirring. Hungry after a long hard winter. The toads under the outside security light waiting for those bugs to fall. The bats circling overhead at night looking for those flying insects. I saw a huge black snake while mowing grass out by the garden. Lord help me if I step on that while working in that garden. I won't kill it because they help to keep the mice down in the feed room.  

Now anytime we are outside we seem to hear the buzzing of the bees. As more flowers bloom they are everywhere working the flowers. I now also have my hummingbird feeders out because the Columbine are almost blooming and I know that when the Columbine bloom the hummers will return. I have also hung out my wind chimes. I adore wind chimes !!!

 The last of the apple trees are blooming. I love apple blossom time and the sight and smell of the apple blossoms for me is the ultimate spring symbol.
 And within the blooms of the apple tree
new life comes forth. The robins return every spring to nest there and raise their young.

These are definitely babies only a mother could love! I think they kind of look extra terrestrial : )

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I've already been bitten by a mosquito and I think, a couple of spiders, on 2 different knuckles while working outside. ;-)
    Didn't see or feel anything until they swelled a little and got red.
    Oh well. That's spring/summer for you. :)

  2. Those baby robins are just too precious!

  3. Such great pics of the baby robins. Amazing


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