Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet Gypsy

For many of you who follow this blog regularly know, I lost my beloved female dog "Rosie" several months ago. For anyone new to this blog you can find her story here .  

I Cried.......

I must admit even though we still have our male Scottie " Riley", after the death of his mate he became very sick and we were afraid he would just simply grieve himself to death. Riley has gradually improved although I think none of us will ever be the same. But life moves on.

For Valentines Day... O Wise One has bought us a new female Scottie. I would like everyone to meet "Gypsy".  She is 10 weeks old and was bought from a local kennel that was going out of business.  We know that Gypsy will never replace Rosie but maybe will help to fill a little of the void that Rosie has left behind here in Hickery Holler. Gypsy has big shoes to fill but I think maybe she is up to the challenge. She is already quite the sassy one.

As for me that snow has melted just in time for potty training and taking a new pup out often. I forgot about the constant piddles of a puppy. We have also decided that we will be fencing in a small back yard for the two dogs so we can avoid the issue of one of them getting on the road. Even though there is practically no traffic on this gravel road it only takes one vehicle as we have painfully learned. People tend to really speed when they are on this road because they know that there are no police and very few people live on it. So for those of us who do live out here it becomes dangerous.

We are off to enjoy our warmer weather and hope everyone has a great weekend.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Gypsy is a pretty little girl. She'll never replace Rosie, but she'll bring her own kind of joy to you and your home.

  2. And I thought I had the very cutest puppies ever? I believe Gypsy ranks right up there!! So sweet!! I am sure Riley will love his new companion!

  3. Oh my, what a darling little girl she is! How are she and Riley getting along? I hope they'll be the best of friends. What a wonderful Valentine's gift! I'm sure she's already stealing a place in your heart.

  4. She is precious and love her name..I know it will be company to Riley and he can show her all the ropes around there. It will be fun watching her grow.. Gypsy is blessed to have you guys as family... vera


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