Friday, August 27, 2010

Please Pray for Me

I need prayers so badly right now that I beseech you all to please pray for me. My heart is broken and I am so angry and lost. My dear little dog Rosie was killed today. She is gone. She was such an important part of my life almost like a child to us.

My husband bought her for me 3 years ago after we had bought Riley and we wanted him to have a mate so he would not be alone. We read an ad in the big city paper about a Scottie for sale in Kansas about 4 hours from where we live. We all 3 loaded up that Saturday and drove to Kansas with Riley to see this pup. When we got there we discvered it was a puppy mill and that they had one little black scottie female that was missing part of one ear. The only one left and now left behind because she wasn't perfect. They could not sell her to a pet store so they were selling her cheap and if she did not sell they would do away with her. That was it!! There was no way we were leaving her behind. We came home with this little bundle of black fur and we have all been together ever since. She was a really sick little girl from no exercise and living her entire little young life in a wire cage. But a couple trips to the vet and some love and she was our little "Rosie Girl".

Soon she and riley became inseperable. They were together always. Two little black peas in a pod.


Not long after we got Rosie I was diagnosed with stage 3C Endometrial Cancer. I was hospitalized and they did surgery to remove the tumor in my abdomen. When I came home from the hospital I spent most of my time in my recliner with Rosie on one side sleeping and Riley on the other. They would not leave me. If they were put out to use the bathroom they immediately came back to the door and resumed their post of guarding "mama".When the radiation treatment began, everyday I came home to Rosie and Riley. When I was sick they licked my face and whined,  when I was throwing up they waited outside the bathroom door while my husband wiped my face and comforted me. Rosie developed the habit of watching TV. Her favorite show was the dog whisperer but she could sit and watch TV for hours. We went through 28 sessions of radiation therapy. My husband, Rosie and Riley and I. At the end of that long drive home from the hospital I knew my puppies would be there to welcome me and we would somehow get through. When I went through chemotherapy and was hospitalized who did my husband bring to the hospital to pick me up but my favorite puppies one under each arm. The nurses loved them and they made their rounds of the cancer ward licking a bunch of new faces. I really believed somehow they knew we were all sick. They loved me and guarded me always. Even when my hair fell out. I told Rosie I was now imperfect too.  She loved to bathe my bald head. She knew!

Well needless to say I survived my cancer. And after that first year as a survivor when I took the survivors walk at the relay for life I did it with my husband at my side and between us those two little black balls of fur. They were my caregivers as much if not more than my husband. Always there and always loving me unconditionally. They were such a part of my strength.

November will be two years that I am cancer free. And in those two years Rosie and Riley have become such a part of this old ladies life.

She was the official dog to try out my quilts while I was sewing the binding around them.

Rosie and I rocked the grandbabies to sleep

We gardened together

But mostly Rosie was my official rocking chair warmer.

I spent many days in my kitchen with Rosie snoring in my rocking chair and listening to me cook.

And if my little "Rosie Girl" was imperfect may we all be so. For her heart was the most perfect I have ever known. She has left a terrible void in my heart. We all mourn her deeply. 

Even more so I would like to say that I am trying so hard to forgive and not hate the person who ran over her and left her there to die like a piece of garbage. It's not like they were dodging traffic. We live in the middle of No Where. I mean out past where Jesus lots his sandals ! Couldn't you have knocked on the door and given us a chance to get her to a vet and maybe gave her a fighting chance.   

                Good Bye my little Rosie!

This old gray haired lady will never forget you and never quit loving you.

                 May you rest in peace!

                 The Canned Quilter


  1. There are no words that I can say that will lessen this loss. Know you are in my thoughts and my prayers.

  2. I am so sorry. I can't believe people are so heartless. I will be praying for you and Riley. He will be missing his friend too. I just found your blog and I love it. This is my 2nd day reading it. Please know that you are being prayed for and thought of at this moment.

  3. And now Jesus has a little black fur ball to warm his rocking chair.
    *Hugs* God bless and comfort you all. I feel your loss. ♥

  4. I have gifted you an award over at my blog...I know it is not a proper award time, thought it might help a little. God bless you, my dear friend, I feel your loss.

  5. I pray the Lord comforts your hearts. I understand your mourning and feel your loss. When they're taken so suddenly, a hole is ripped in your heart. I can't find the right words to send ... I'm so sorry. ((Hugs))

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. Gail gave me a nudge to visit you and after reading your blog on your darling girl, I understand why. My best furry friend left me in March. Her name was Willow and she was almost 3. She was the second in my duo of St. Bernard. Her brother and friend Murphy was gone by the time he was 3 as well. So I lost both my babies in 2 years. It was really hard for Willow to adjust to being an only dog.
    I will of course send healing thoughts and be praying for you, your husband and Riley.

  7. I am so sorry. Losing a loved animal is so hard. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers:)

  8. =(

    Huge hugs and much love. Will give you a call next week and see if you have a few minutes between harvesting, cutting, and canning.

    Love you bunches and tons!

  9. I have only started checking in on your blog recently and I just so want to offer my condolences on the loss of your little Rosie. It's so traumatic and I know how it can be. God bless your heart and please consider me a knew friend - take care.

  10. Oh my friend I am so sorry for your loss. I am sending up big prayers for you and all your family to heal.


  11. praying that Jesus holds you in the hollow of his hands, and wraps his arms around you to comfort you. I am praying for you.

  12. I cried when I read your post. I'm so sorry that this happened to your little Rosie. I have been in your shoes and I still cry a tear to this day if my husband and I getting talking about our beloved pets that we have lost. Even though it's been years, it is so hard not to have what you once did. I prayed for you after reading your post. What I have found that helps me is hugging and loving on the little dog that is still with you. What a blessing to have these gentle creatures in our lives. May God be with you.

  13. Your story, your survival, Rosie's loss of life....I am still in tears. I am so sorry to hear of your suffering and no doubt, your continued feeling of emptiness as you mourn over the loss of that dear one, Rosie. Please know that you are in my prayers.

  14. Bless your heart. I lost my little Maddie, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, three months ago. She was 15 and I miss her so much.

    People without pets just don't understand their value.

  15. <3<3<3 :´( I'm so sorry to hear this. Of course I'll be praying for you. {{{{{hugs}}}}}


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