Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Memories

It's 6:30 on Sunday morning and it continues to snow. We are again under a winter storm warning until noon. This is on top of the 4 inches we received on Thursday and the several inches remaining under that from the previous snow. It has been snowing since last night and I am unsure of exactly how much we have gotten as it is still dark.

This is the time of year that I miss having green growing things around me. I am thankful for the houseplants that continue to require regular watering to remind me that spring will eventually come again and that some things do continue to grow.  

I use this time indoors as a time to reflect and catch up on those chores many times put off. Things like mending and cleaning out and dusting the china cabinets. O what a job taking all that china out, dusting the shelves and washing and drying the china and returning it to it's rightful place on the shelves. As I handle the pieces I think of the women of our family that many of these pieces originated from. My wedding china of 35 years ago. A new bride with such hopes and dreams. Now a grandmother wondering who will care for my china after my time on earth. Who will cherish my mother's teapot and wash and dry it lovingly. And O Wise One's mother's sugar and creamer. And his grandmother's China almost 100 years old. The China cabinet itself a gift from my parents 30 years ago. Custom made by a neighbor of theirs. Only 2 others like it in the world belonging to my two brothers.

I use this time indoors as a time to remember, a time of reflection. A time to catch up on those books I have not read yet. That movie I have wanted to watch but have been too busy to take the time to enjoy. A cup of hot tea and a round of Scrabble with O Wise One. Maybe that is why God made winter. To force us to slow down. To reflect and to wait. Wait for those first spring buds.  Then the age old cycle shall begin again. Planting and tending then harvesting and canning.  But for now I shall be thankful for a full pantry and two full freezers. A warm quilt and cup of hot tea. A good book and a loving husband to cuddle with. Indeed life is good in The Holler!


  1. A lovely post : ) I think you're right about winter-we need a forced slow down-and to reflect too!

  2. Cuddling is definitely right at the top of good things!

  3. Wonderful post on how we need to slow down. January is all about being a little slow after the Holidays. Taking the time to clean and redo some places in our home. Enjoy your tea and a warm quilt with a good movie.

  4. I'm like you today, wish it were Spring..I love that tea would be nice with a slice of that cake you made the other day :o)...For now enjoy it and don't worry about later..Regardless of who gets it the other will think they should have...Ginny

  5. I agree that snow helps us slow down and gives us time to reflect. I think we are going to get our snow about mid-week. I hope you all get to keep most of it.
    have a blessed tomorrow

  6. Love the beautiful pics, and especially the china! I have enjoyed the winter pondering time, too, but could enjoy it alot more without the
    -34 temps!


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