Monday, January 24, 2011

Feed Them And They Shall Come !

One of my favorite parts of Winter is feeding the birds. O Wise One put up a metal pole just outside the large window in the dining room so that I can sit and drink my tea and watch the birds feed.  Each feeder contains a different type of feed. One has just a wild bird mix, the other sunflower seeds. The other feeder has pecan shells with small pieces of meat in them. The other actually has a mixed grain chicken scratch in it. They all require refilling every day in bad weather.

We get hours of enjoyment watching the different birds come to feed. The cost can be expensive sometimes though. We all try to  identify as many as possible.

The maple tree beside the feeder is also full of birds waiting for their turn.

The Sycamore tree behind the bird feeder is also full of birds patiently waiting. All but they jays which always bully the other birds. My favorite is always the cardinal though.

I plant many different flowers in my flower beds for the birds also. I think their favorite is the Purple coneflower which the finches absolutely love. But the coneflower seeds are usually all gone by Christmas.  

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Nice to be able to sit inside where it's warm and watch all the birds at the feeders. Hope you're staying warm and cozy.

  2. Bird watching is a favorite winter past time of mine also. Looks like you all got quite a bit of snow.
    Stay warm and have a blessed tomorrow.

  3. That could be said of us all...feed us, we will come!


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