Friday, November 12, 2010

Taking Stock & Stocking Up

This is the state of the floor in my kitchen. It was time to clean out the pantry. After a heavy canning season I still have pumpkins to go in jars, and frozen tomatoes to be processed and chickens to be butchered before it gets too cold. And no more shelf room for jars. So everything came out of the pantry and O Wise One added shelves. The existing shelves were wiped down. The baseboards were treated for spiders and ants. So I am again in business. For now...

It seems that canning is a year round exercise for me. There are still pecans to be cracked and shelled out. O Wise One and I crack them and put them on cookie sheets and sit at the table and shell them as we watch tv at night.

I will also hit some of the sales at this time of year when they put baking supplies on sale. With food prices going up we cut coupons and hit sales as much as possible. Flour is on sale right now and I will buy some extra to put in the freezer.  

It takes a lot of room to store all the large bowls and pots, hot water canners and pressure cookers, dehydrators, grinders, meat saws and racks that we use during the year to can and preserve food.  This shelving system was expensive but we love that we can continuously add to it as we need more shelves. They collect very little dust because they are open and we can hang peppers and other stuff on the front of them to dry.

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed. You have a very nice food system. It's great that you are able to supply so much of your household food needs.

  2. That pantry looks fantastic! You and hubby did a great job. Love to see all those jars lined up and waiting to be opened this winter. Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Whoa Mama! That's some laid back food supply closet :o)...Hubby passed by and I showed it to him..he is also impressed :o) now it won't be so hard to convince him I need another shelf (I have room for just one more) and I will need it since I'm not finished canning my greens yet! ...I think we are good wives :o) (just a little pat on the back)...I'm glad your back and up to par....Ginny

  4. Wonderful shelves, we have canned goods stacked every where...we have both been blessed.

  5. Wow.. I have pantry envy now, it must be great to have that much space. I currently have an upstairs closet converted ito my pantry with similar shelving and I love it. Unfortunately my large pantry is in the basement storage area... so there's plenty of other stuff down there too. But at least I have room for all the canning jars. I also have to go up and down to get the canner/large pots, etc. In the summertime they seem to have permanent residence on my kitchen floor or on the back porch, but it would be great to have an area convenient to the kitchen for all those items. I recently came across your blog and love it. I can relate to so many things you discuss. :)

  6. Some serious pantry jealousy going on here!! Yes it does take a lot of space to store pressure canners and canning supplies and I DO NOT have that space! Mine are in the kitchen floor or stored in my outdoor rootcellar with the spiders and lots of dust! Go give OWO a huge hug from me too!! Great job! Thanks for sharing!

    I am in the heart of deer country here too. Hunters around here only want that prized buck and so they are plentiful. Leslie was driving my car last evening and she just about hit 3 at once, well they almost ran into us anyway! My son in law hit 3 with his car when they were here in Va!! Robin hit 2 different deer, in 2 different places, in one trip home from work in the middle of the night too! Costly creatures! Glad you and so many others enjoy the meat, not me! Can't seem to stomach it any longer! Good luck to the boys!! Hope they slay a lot of them!!

  7. Such a wonderful pantry/supply area! I'm in the process of re-vamping a small downstairs bedroom for storage and will use yours for a template!


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