Thursday, November 11, 2010

America Says Thank You

On this cold and drizzly Fall morning I return to blogging after a long bout with a bad cold. Like most of America I join in thanking our veterans today. I thank them for serving. I thank them for their sacrifices and dedication to this country. I thank those who fought and died and pray for the families left behind. Like most Americans I can name many in my family that have served through the generations. I am the daughter of a veteran. The wife of a veteran and the mother of a veteran. 

"O Wise One" was a military policeman in the United States Army.

My middle son Brian was an airmen in the United States Air Force. One of my most prized possessions is a letter from the Secretary Of The Air Force with a gold pin commemorating being his mother and his service in the "war against terrorism".

My late father was a merchant marine in World War II. He talked very little of his experiences during the war as I was growing up. In the last days of his life as he lay dying in the hospital of Cancer he relived many of those memories. Through a fog of morphine and pain he talked of men burning on the water and death at sea. I as his daughter sat next to his hospital bed and held his hand through the terror and shall never forget the horror as he begged me to put that man floating on the water, burning, out because he was screaming. 60 years later he could still hear those screams. 

I remember my uncle who died in Okinawa Bay during that same war in the Navy. Leaving behind a widow and 2 small children. 

I salute my best friend in Mobile whose son..Kyle..fights in Afghanistan as we speak. I pray for his safety everyday and that God gives his mother peace of mind.    

So from the hills and valleys of Hickery Holler we salute all veterans and send a huge thanks for your service. And to our loved ones who have paid with their lives through the years and the wars of the past. We salute you !!!

Happy Veterans Day 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Love you bunches and tons. Thank you. =)

    I was actually about to pick up the phone and call you to make sure you were okay since you hadn't posted until today.

  2. I thank your family for their service. Glad you are back and starting to feel better.


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