Saturday, November 13, 2010

There's Deer in Them Hills!

It's a cold and rainy early morning here in Hickery Holler. It is the first day of another deer season. Indeed we fight deer all during the year here on the farm. It is a full time job sometimes trying to keep the deer out of the fruit trees and gardens not to mention the damage they can do to the flowers and bushes. They seem to be particularly fond of my peaches. When we are not trying to keep them from eating the fruit trees and gardens we are trying to keep from hitting them with our vehicles. Does anyone have any idea how much damage a deer can do to a vehicle! So for us the solution is to harvest them.

So once a year we hunt. What we kill we eat. It becomes venison roasts and ground venison. Venison sausage and venison jerky. We kill and butcher our own meat because I am so picky about my meat. The last thing I want is alot of hair, bone or membrane in my meat. I know it is clean. Yes I am just that obsessive. We have our own meat saw, grinder, tenderizer and vaccuum sealer. We also dehydrate our own jerky. So for now I must go because I have lots of coffee and biscuits to make for hungry hunters. My oldest son has flown in to stay for a week to help hunt. At the end of the week I hope to have lots of venison for the coming year.

I'll leave you with a few shots of hunts past.....

Happy Hunting


Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Good luck to the hunters! Around here they hide during deer season, then the come back out!

  2. Hi Canned Quilter
    I love your blog,glad I found you.
    It's deer hunting season here also and my oldest has been spending a lot of time in the woods this year,but no luck yet.
    Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

  3. We have fed them all year from the garden and the orchard, so it is a blessing for us to harvest the meat.

    They have finished off our snow peas and are pulling up the turnips!

    Good luck with the hunt.

  4. When I was a kid-to see a deer here was like seeing a zebra or something totally exotic. Now-there are so many deer-its unbelievable!

    Most of the meat we eat is venison-killed by my husband. And like you-he is super picky and does all of his own butchering. He says the reason most folks claim they don't like to eat venison-is cause most people don't know how to clean it or cook it.


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