Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clothesline Deceit

We all know my obsession with clothes lines. I found this poem the other day and just couldn't resist. I dedicate it to Fred as today is Fred's birthday and she is 26. For those of you who don't remember Fred  read this
Happy Birthday Fred and many more: ) 

by Marilyn K. Walker

Miss Polly was a spinster
who lived a sheltered life
until a former classmate
asked her to be his wife.

But after they were married
she realized he was lewd.
It truly shocked Miss Polly
to know that he slept nude.

She wondered if her neighbors
observed her husband’s ways
and noticed no pajamas
were hung on laundry days.

Miss Polly went out shopping
and had a plan in mind!
She’d buy some men’s pajamas-
the brightest she could find.

Now when she meets her neighbors
she holds her head up high
just knowing those pajamas
hang on her line to dry.


  1. That was cute! I can't wait until our thaw and it gets warm enough to put my sheets out!

    Happy Birthday to Fred!

  2. Yep! That's funny! Happy Birthday Fred!!


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