Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Quiet Winter Day

It continues to be cold here in the Holler. There is probably atleast 3 inches of snow still blanketing the ground but we are starting to see small spots of grass. The roads are nothing but slush so we have decided to stay pretty close to home. The seeds that I planted last week are showing their little green heads. More onions, broccoli and cabbage are coming up steadily under the lights. Once the weather improves a little they will hopefully go to the cold frame until ready to go into the garden. Temperature here in the day are still in the 30's. I put on a pot of Louisiana Red Beans this morning to simmer and O Wise One and I decided to work on the furniture. Many of the pieces of furniture through out our home are pieces we have inherited from our families through the generations, a few were gifts and other pieces that I have picked up in my travels through the years. We live and use our old furniture daily. However it does require some care and attention. So today OWO and I tackled the yearly chore of upkeep on our antique wooden furniture.   

First this china cabinet was dusted and then wiped down with a mixture of lemon juice, water and olive oil. Then polished with a clean cloth. All the hardware was cleaned and tightened and the hinges oiled on the doors. I love the way this cleans the wood and gives it a good shine. This china cabinet was given to me by my parents 35 years ago. It was custom made and the only 3 like it are owned by my brothers.  

This is the oak dresser that sits in Baby Oops room. She has grown up with it. First it was dusted and  my furniture polish applied, then polished. OWO then removed all the drawers and checked the drawer bottoms for any loose ones which were repaired and applies parafin to the runners so they would open and close easily. This dresser above belonged to his great grandmother so Baby Oops is the 5th generation to use this furniture. look at the grain on that oak.  

After a long days work we settled to a supper of Louisiana Red Beans with ham on top of a bed of fluffy rice. Home grown and put in the freezer this fall.

Some smothered cabbage also out of the freezer. With a little bacon and onions.

And some homemade bread.

As darkness comes and the temperature drops again we all snuggle in to watch American Idol. Tomorrow is another day and maybe we'll get a couple more pieces done.

Blessings from the Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Oh I do love me a pot of beans and cabbage! ☺

  2. I think it is wonderful the way you two work together so well! The furniture is beautiful! And, I'm sure the memories associated with them is as much of a treasure as they are.

    Oh My Goodness! The supper looks so GOOD! I can almost smell the bread and beans. I have to admit that I don't like smelling cabbage cooking, but I do enjoy eating it!

  3. You're probably one of the best cooks I know and you totally need to come visit so we can cook together. =)

  4. Do you hire OWO out? For how much? I will only need him for about a week. Does he work for food? Yeah I know he works for your food but would he mine? I have several pieces of furniture that needs to be maintained......yeah I know dusting is supposed to be done often and I don't do it....but I am talking about the drawers that are broke, the hinges that are broke and such as that. You can bet I will be showing Danny this post and the next snow day that he is stuck inside he will have to act as interested as OWO is here in maintaining your furniture. Danny does work for food....just not inside work!

    You do work so good together!!

    I am off to go polish a cherry bed!!

  5. I'm glad to have seen this post (like all the rest of them) :o) it make me want to stop and polish some of my Furniture treasures.
    Do you ever can your cabbage? if so what's your method?
    I used to freeze cabbage years ago, but forgot what I did , I don't remember blanching them for too long least they be would be nothing but mush when I defrosted them. Ginny


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