Monday, February 22, 2010

Who knew?

I read a post this morning that made me think of clothes lines. She hung out clothes yesterday with snow on the ground. It would take a snow plow to find my clothes line right now. I grew up hanging out clothes with my mother. Clothes lines were once an everyday sight. Recently we had guests from the city and one of the first things they mentioned were the clothes lines everywhere. I had not realized that clothes lines had become taboo in many places possibly a sign of poverty to the point that many areas have forbidden them.

I use my clothes line regularly when weather permits. I find something satisfying in getting my clothes dried for nothing and it makes me happy. Kind of like saying "take that" to the electric company...

When we first moved here my oldest daughter, whom we shall call Fred, was appalled at hanging out clothes. She would storm off the school bus furious that bus driver Bob and all her friends had seen her underwear hanging out there flapping in the breeze on the clothes line . I of course looked at this totally different. A) They knew you wore underwear and B) they knew they were clean. Obviously I think differently than 14 year olds. Who knew!

Of course this is the same child that was convinced that I had no life. This is the same child that when with me in the supermarket disappeared like magic when I got to the feminine products aisle. Obviously she though she was the only person that hung out underwear and wore feminine products. Imagine that. Who knew!

This is the same child that would fuss when I bought her underwear that were old fashioned but would not set foot in the underwear or bra aisle under any circumstances. Ever! One minute you would be talking to her and then poof! She would magically disappear, mid sentence, and you were left standing there looking stupid among the panties. Obviously underwear shopping with your mother was taboo. Who knew!

Well you guessed it. Fred grew up! She is now married and is the mother of Graci. You remember Graci, the 8 year old with the monkey quilt. Fred is due a little boy in July that will be called Hank. Fred has overcome her fear of feminine product aisles and underwear departments. She now wears underwear that OWO tried folding in the laundry one time and thought were eye patches. Seriously folks I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. Eye patches really? Who knew?

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  1. OMG!!!! Too funny!! My sides are splitting!!
    Because......I had 2 of those "Freds" and now they both have a "Graci"......ahaaaahhhaaaaaa
    The stories that we could share!!

    Of course "My Mother" started it when she used to take me to K-Mart as a young teenager to buy my bras. She would stand behind me and wrap it around my chest to make sure it went around ....well that it was the right size in circumference.....I would just about throw-up from embarassment!!! I got to sneak that one in on my grandaughter last Christmas....she doesn't ask me to buy her unmentionables any more!!!!! After all she "NEVER" wore underwear either....gosh don't even speak of such things!!!

    Does "Fred" read your blog?

    Keep em coming!!

  2. Oh I was laughing so hard that I forgot to mention the clothesline!! I do have a clothesline and dearly love it!! I had my husband put this last one up by a pattern that I found in Mary Janes farm Idea's almost like hers...Bless his little heart!!
    I may get to use mine about August due to snow also!! I have a quilt in the wash right now that I wish I could hang out in the sunshine to dry................oh yeah no sunshine :-(

  3. I found your blog from Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farms. You made me laugh, I have two boys, and they would storm of the bus, because I had clothes on the line. I was beyond words with no hope at all! LOL Thank you for writing this!


  4. Wonderfully delightful post! I have embarrassed my daughters by just existing.

  5. I have to tell you this since you know me in RL. My monkeys won't touch my underwear because they are "girl" underwear!

    They will literally throw them back and forth to keep from touching them.


  6. This post was hilarious, I remember those days...I miss a clothes line, I think I'm living in a wrong zone.Ginny


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