Sunday, January 31, 2010

Roosting Goats

I am new to this blogging thing and going through different country life blogs it seems everyone has goats. I feel deprived! I don’t have goats. I want goats. So I have announced to O Wise One that I want goats. I love goats! I had goats as a kid. O Wise One rolls his eyes. Sure I did, REALLY ! See:

We always had goats! When I was a teenager daddy brought home this little nanny goat orphan from the neighbors house. I named her Nanny and raised her off a bottle. She was so cute and cuddly and she went everywhere I did and slept in a box in front of the fireplace. Then she grew and graduated to the shed to sleep. And she kept growing and pretty well had run of the place until she got in trouble for eating mama’s rose bushes. So daddy decided she needed to go in the chicken yard until he got up in the middle of the night one night to the most awful noise. When he put on clothes and went out to investigate. There was Nanny roosting with the chickens. Or should I say Nanny was roosting and all the chickens were running everywhere. Well she thought she was a chicken too. When she started walking in the nesting boxes and busting all the eggs that was the end of Nanny’s days in the chicken yard. What now! Daddy decided Nanny would go on a line and be tied out. Daddy was so proud of this idea only to get up one morning to find Nanny standing on the roof of Mama’s brand new, powder blue, Lincoln Continental town car ( with matching plush seats and a built in CB radio, circa early 70’s) . There she stood in all her glory, line and all, queen of the mountain. Daddy and I were in big trouble. Nanny was banished to the barn never to be allowed up by the house again. When I married and left the farm Nanny was there in the barnyard as I drove off to my honeymoon with my new husband. When I returned Nanny was gone. Daddy had sold her to a local farmer to actually live with goats. Can you imagine? Wonder if they provided her with a Lincoln to roost on!

O Wise One does not look convinced about the goats. I'll get my goats wait and see!

Blessings from the Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Oh How funny!! I love goat stories like that! I will have to post tomorrow about my first goat experience when I was a child. I have recently had one of my goats get into the henhouse and was eating out of the feeder full of laying mash. The noise was soooooo loud coming from the chicken run and the hens were freaking out so bad that I was afraid to even go in the coop to see what was in there. I just knew it had to be a bear but found out it was only a goat!!!!!!

    Hey girly let's just plant us some onion seeds and give it a try!!!! I will try to get mine planted tomorrow.

  2. Love this story about Nanny..We also had the new blue Lincoln towncar with blue interior. That year my daughter and I had both gotten new rabbit coats for Christmas. We had them in the car on our way to my in-laws for our Christmas with them but by the time we arrived it looked like there had been a cat fight in the car with all of the fur. It also wasn't that easy to get it off of the seats.
    I love your blog and all of the stories about O wise one..I look everyday to see what is new in your part of the world. I live in Texas and we have had more cold weather than usual here this year..Just wanted to say hi and keep up the great blog...Vera

  3. I hope you do better getting a goat than I have of getting some chickens!
    Sometimes I think the men just don't understand our needs ..Ginny

  4. I LOVE childhood stories like this. You have a gift! Makes me want a goat, a lincoln continental and a goat roost too;)


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