Monday, November 9, 2020

Old Friends


It's that time of year. Before the first frost I cleaned up my houseplant and brought them in off the back deck where they had flourished under the shade of the large trees along the deck railings. The plants all are precious to me not because they are anything special but because they were all gifts from people that I love. The plant above was a gift from O Wise One long ago and started out the size of a pencil. Now it towers at about 5 feet. 

But perhaps my favorite are the Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus. Presents from loved ones in a myriad of colors from pale peach to a bright fuchsia. They always remind me of my mother and my childhood. She always had these blooming during the holidays as well as windows of African Violets. 

Above is a pale pink one looking almost white.

I also have several of the more common fuchsia color.

This big one holds a special place in my heart because it was a gift from my best friend from many years ago.

In the winter when the world is brown I have my old friends providing me with that gardening fix until spring again shows it's lovely face. Each plant sparking memories of the people I love. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Isn't it lovely to have houseplants that bring back such good memories and give gardeners something to do during the cold winter months. They surely brighten up the house. We have snow and cold here in Utah.

  2. I too enjoy houseplants while sitting inside in the winter, love seeing that greenery. My mother also had the Christmas cactus and enjoyed seeing it bloom.

  3. My Grandma always had a window sill full of African violets. She had a touch for them and they bloomed and flourished under her care. How I wish I had her touch. You have some lovely plants, and memories. :-)


  4. You knew this was coming... how the heck do you get a Christmas cactus to bloom?! Sing to it? Fertilize it? Mine is just sitting there.


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