Saturday, October 17, 2020

Canning Jar Shortages and Alternatives

 I have mentioned several times on this blog about there being an issue with the supply chain as far as canning supplies. Jars, lids, pressure canners, canning salts and pectin as well. From the information I am seeing from the company there will not be canning supplies again until after March of next year. Now I do have a small supply of lids that I try to keep at all times. I also recently ordered 100 of the reusable lids and gaskets. 

On a positive note  as I try to use my lids sparingly I have used other methods of preserving. Many of my beans that I grew this year I actually dried and stored as dried beans. I put them in Gatorade jugs with oxygen absorbers. Why Gatorade jugs? Because I drink gatorade all summer out in the hot garden. So I had plenty on hand. Throw in a 300cc oxygen absorber and it reseals the bottle. The perfect size to fill up my crockpot for beans.  

With an increase in the size of my garden this year freezer space was also at a premium. Many of the things like flour and grits are put in the freezer just long enough to kill any bug larvae and then they were removed to store in Mylar bags until needed and put into dark containers.

Some grains like this winter cereal rye  were stored in large half gallon jars but capped with used lids that had been removed from other jars when cooking. I think for that they are safe to reuse. 

I have also relied on fermenting as opposed to canning more. I find that we prefer the taste and texture and enjoy the health benefits of fermented foods.  

I can also honestly say that I have used my dehydrator more this year than in a long time. Storing food I think is so much easier with the dehydrator and takes up so much less storage room. Once dehydrated it can be stored in canning jars with reused lids and oxygen absorbers or in reused commercial glass jars, in mylar or even vacuum sealed in bags and stored in buckets or other containers. 

Also to conserve freezer room I have turned some of my butter stash in the freezer into ghee. Shelf stable it allows me to store butter in a cool and dark shelf as opposed to requiring freezer space. 

So my advice to you all would be to get creative. A lack of canning jars and supplies does not necessarily mean that your food preservation has to be over. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. These are such great tips for safely storing food. I save all my glass jars, both large and small.
    It is just the husband and I here, so I've found I store rice and pasta in small pickle jars and they are the perfect size. Thanks for the recommendation to use oxygen absorbers. I just order 100 from Walmart and will be using them in the future. I've lost the link to your website and would appreciate it if you would share it again.

  2. I reuse lids for vacuum sealing as they work great. Used canning lids can be used over and over in vacuum sealing jars. I vacuum seal basically everything that isn't canned or frozen as it extends the life by years. We opened some pumpkin pie spice last week that I vacuum sealed in a pint canning jar in 2016 and it was as fresh as the day I sealed it.
    Love your blog. Glenda

  3. Great ideas for storing beans. I have quite a few gatoraid bottles and a lot of beans.

  4. Great idea for the butter. Our price for organic has sky rocketed and my freezer space is limited now.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration. You gave me some things to think about and check out.



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