Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Purple Hull Peas

I continue to knock out my canning a crop at a time. These are purple hull peas a southern mainstay and an open pollinated heirloom. While many eat black eyed peas for a traditional New Years meal we feast on these. The variety is open pollinated "Pink Eyed Purple Hull" and was originally bought from Seed Savers Exchange. They are canned as a dried bean. They can also be dried or simply blanched and frozen. If you search my blog you will find a tutorial on canning these. 

I serve these as a side dish many times with pork chops or ham cooked in a cast iron kettle. A smoked ham bone or hock thrown into them makes a great seasoning. I usually have a nice skillet of buttermilk corn bread as well. They also make a great jambalaya combined with cooked rice, sausage or bacon,  onions and green peppers. 

The dog days of summer have indeed hit Hickery Holler. The mercury has soared into the hundred degree range for the last few days and we struggle to keep the animals all cool and fresh cool water available at all times. We have tried to stay out of the gardens as much as possible unless it is early in the morning or late in the evening as it begins to cool slightly before sundown. 

As autumn approaches we continue to feast on fresh okra, tomatoes, squash, beans and melons. I can a small batch or two here and there as jars are emptied and become available. Soon the apples will be ripe and I want to can some apple pie filling. 

Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. That all sounds so good and brings back memories of summer dinners at my Mamaw's house! I grew up in town and my Mom didn't fix these kinds of things, so I really looked forward to that two week stay at my grandparents' home.

  2. How I love these black-eyed peas! My Aunt Clara would make these for me and for some reason I started calling them "Charlie Browns", I was little and have no recollection of why but this is what we have always called them since then! They may be something I need to add to next years garden. I planted them one year and they attracted so many wasps I haven't done it again.

  3. Its just so great to see you posting again! Even if you do cut back on the garden and canning I would still like to see whats going on in the holler. Maybe more posts about your quilting! I love to make quilts. Right now I am trying to learn how to hand quilt on a hoop or frame. My stitches are huge! What kind of needle/thimble do you use? Anyway, I have learned so much from you gardening and putting up, and I consider you my virtual mentor. Thank you so much for all of your time posting. It is so very appreciated and valued.

    1. I quilt with very small betweens on my mothers floor frame with a traditional metal thimble. Practice makes perfect as you quilt more your stitches should get smaller. I will definitely have to do more quilt posts because I do want to try to lighten up on the gardening a little as I get older and do more quilting and such. I think I will always garden a little and can a little but just not quite as much. I am truly touched that you consider me a mentor and I hope that you continue to visit this old woman often.

      Blessings CQ


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