Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pickled Beets

Every year I pickle beets and this year was no different. 

With a cool and rainy spring the beets grew well and we were even able to pretty well keep the rabbits out of them. 

You can find my recipe for pickled beets below:

Our favorite way to eat pickled beets is atop a salad along with boiled farm eggs and fresh or frozen peas from the garden.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. YUM! I planted a late crop of beets this year. I can't wait to can them. Pickled beets and cottage cheese is how we eat them at our house.

  2. My absolute favorite is pickled beets. I am so lucky because no else likes them here so I don't have to share! ;-)

  3. I had to laugh at my self, I saw the title of pickled beets and I first saw the header picture. I'm thinking beets don't grow on a tree! Duh!

  4. I eat them straight out of the jar. My Gran used to make the best.

  5. I just found your blog, and I think I love you! Can I come live on your farm!?
    I'm in AZ, and August is no time to be outside gardening, hardly anything will grow in this heat anyway. But I have taken a liking to all of your canning! I've been doing beans and chicken and a few green beans and tomatoes. All of the things I can are store-bought or purchases from the co-op, but I have a goal to plant and grow at least 2 items this fall! I have a tiny backyard with not much space, but I've managed to build a small bed. (Very small). Now to get the summer weeds out of it! Wish me luck!
    LOVE your site!

  6. Pickled beets are the best! I fell in love with them as a child, since my favourite Uncle always wanted them made-up. I have a bottle in the fridge all the time..but nothing is as wonderful as the home-made variety. Well done!

  7. Pickled beets always remind me of Mom. I have been unable to find any that taste as good as hers. I bet you have the recipe. Thanks for sharing it.


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