Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Wet Spring

Many mornings last week I woke up to a bank of low rain clouds. Remember last year we had snow the first of May. This year it has been rain and storms but luckily not any violent storms for us although many other parts of the country have been hit terribly. The temperatures have also been running pretty cool too which can spell bad news for the garden because seeds tend to rot in cold wet soil. My green peas are up and my potatoes are also coming up so far. The onions are also coming right along.  

The flowers are loving the rain but it has put us behind in planting gardens and mowing grass though. We have finished all the walnuts and have a few more pecans and we are done with the winter nut shelling.  

The tulips are beautiful this year but the rain does take a toll on them and tends to beat them to death. They are pretty while they last though. 

Now the smaller daffodils are blooming. O Wise One bought me a small pot of these one year and all of these small ones are starts from that one pot so many years ago. 

Between rain storms I have been working on trimming the roses back. I wanted to post this to show you how much winter kill I am having to cut off to get to green growth. Notice the two lower bushes in front compared to the bigger unpruned bushes in the back.  This winter was hard on the shrubs and bushes with not enough snow cover to insulate them from brutally low temperatures. I lost a Spirea(bridal wreath) and one Althea so far. My big Knock Out Roses also took a beating and I am waiting to see if they make it.  

As usual this time of year my back porch is full of plants in various stages of hardening off. Peppers and tomatoes above waiting to be potted to bigger pots.

Cabbage, Bok Choy, Broccoli and lettuce waiting to be planted. We never work in the garden when the soil is wet so with days on end of rain we are behind in getting these little guys set out. With pretty weather forecasted for this week I have a full schedule already just catching up with every thing to be planted.  

Hoping everyone out there is safe and that you all have a great week.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. It's hard to imagine snow in May. Not only is this Southern California but it is the Desert just east of Los Angeles. In fact i didn't think much would grow here till my neighbor brought over some giant squash. Now i have cilantro growing. In fact it went so well i wrote a blog in The vegetable Gardener ( . It's my first edible plant. I had never planted anything before, nor do i know anything about gardening. Do you have any herbs in your gardens? Are their any vegetables (especially green ones) i can plant in May?

  2. it has been cold and wet here too, We haven't even thought of getting out any lawn furniture either because it has been either raining or too cold to sit out. Summer better get here soon so that we can enjoy it :)

    1. I fear what is going to happen is that we will have no spring mild weather but rather just go straight into unbearable summer heat!

  3. I remember the snow we had last May 1 - it was very depressing. I think my pea seeds have rotted this year in our cold, wet weather. The hail we received last week did my kale in, but I realized it was a little early to be planting that out in my neck of the woods (WI). Thought I would give it a go with a few plants, just in case we got nice weather! I was wrong.

    1. Yeah I have kind of drug my feet too on setting out lots waiting for this weather to somewhat stabilize.

  4. I have a rose bush I fear I have lost to this winter. Evergreens really took a hit too but they are coming around. I have been holding onto my seedlings too as it is just too cold still to put them out. The last snow in April killed my rhubarb and that breaks my heart. Glad to see you posting and hearing the goings on on the farm.

    1. Feeling much better and now the job of catching up with all the things that did not get done while I was sick.

  5. CQ,
    Look at all those Morels, OMG......I'm so darn jealous!!!! Can't find them around here. Now if I was back in Michigan, I would find all kinds. Will you be canning, freezing, or dehydrating these babies?

    I love all of your pictures, the flowers are gorgeous. I so hear you with having to cut back all the dead/dry stuff from winter.

    Good to see you back on the computer!


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