Friday, April 18, 2014

Canning Mushrooms

Recently O Wise One found mushrooms on sale at a local grocery store. We love mushrooms in many dishes and the small 4 ounce cans of mushrooms are expensive to buy. Fresh mushrooms do not last long in the refrigerator. So when we catch mushrooms on sale we like to can our own. 

We bought 10 packages or 5 pounds of fresh mushrooms. 

First they were removed from the packages and I placed the mushrooms in cold water to soak for a few minutes to remove dirt. 

Many of the canned mushrooms you buy are shipped in from overseas and many from China. Not mine! My mushrooms came from the sovereign state of Illinois.

And they even came in recyclable containers. The trimmings went to the chickens and the only thing that went in the trash was the plastic covering and the label.  

While my mushrooms were soaking I got my jars clean and ready to go. 

Then I washed and sliced my mushrooms. 

Then my mushroom slices went into a pot to boil for 15 minutes. 

Then I packed my hot mushrooms into hot jelly jars

Into each jar I placed 1/8 teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon of fruit fresh powder. 

Then I wiped my rims to clean them and poured clean boiling water over the mushrooms to cover leaving 1 inch head space. 

Remove air bubbles and seal. 

Then my hot jars were placed in my pressure canner 

I added a second rack and double stacked my canner.  

Then I sealed my canner up and cooked my mushrooms on 10 pounds pressure for 45 minutes. 

Once the canner had cooled I removed my jars and allowed them to cool overnight. 

And there you have it 23 jars of canned mushrooms ready to go into my casseroles, soups and stews, or maybe sauteed in butter with onions to go over those steaks. 

No cans of Chinese mushrooms in my pantry. 

I bought 10 packages (8 oz) for .98 per carton. A total of 23 jars of canned mushrooms went in my pantry.  21 four once jars and 2 half pints. Cost per jar  42 cents. Average cost for a 4 oz can of mushrooms in the store $1.38. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter 


  1. Another great example. Thank you, CQ. I appreciate ideas like this that I have never thought of.


  2. I appreciate your posts about canning grocery store finds! Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I had purchased some mushrooms, cleaned them and dehydrated them. I would have preferred to canned them but I was short on time. I do want to know something. If I were to can them next time, can I leave out the salt? I was going to try that but I didn't know if I should. I try not to use much salt in our food.


  4. CQ,

    Thank you for this post, I was wondering how to process mushrooms for some time now and you have answered my question on how to do it.

  5. Thanks CQ! Another very handy and informative post. Do you have any tips for doing this with black olives? We go through so many of those suckers and they get expensive in this little jars as well.

    1. I would imagine Lacy that the process would be very similar but I rarely have access to bulk olives. I bet you could find something online. My family love olives too and that is one thing I do buy often as well.

  6. You are not kidding about the price of commercially canned mushrooms, and we havent a clue where theyre from... Thanks for the info!

  7. Awesome! I've looked for info on canning mushrooms but have never found any other than for pickled.. which I make.. but I'd like regular ones as well.

    Have you ever kept any whole or what are your thoughts on that?

    Also, what is the purpose of fruit fresh?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. The fruit fresh is just to help them retain their lighter color after time without it they would start to darken like other fruit. You could also use vitamin C. As far as whole if they are small I don't think it would be a problem. You can buy them in cans whole.

    2. never thought of this-thanks for the tip

  8. Great idea, after reading this yesterday morning I looked at the store for mushrooms on sale, but they were full price. I'm going to check around because I think the canned ones from the store are too high also. Happy Easter and I am so glad that you are back up and about after your illness! :)

  9. I can mushrooms too....after realizing a case lot that I had purchased from the store were made in China. Sent the whole case packing to the food pantry. I think home canned taste better too. I'll try the fruit fresh next time.

  10. very cool! I hadn't thought of canning fresh store bought mushrooms-but I never see really nice ones here-I love to can the wild mushrooms-but the last 3 years-no mushrooms here-do to the crazy weather patterns

  11. So glad you are posting again! I have missed it :) Do you know if you can also perserve wild mushrooms this way? My husband brings home a lot of chanterells in the fall. Also, the frozen strawberry/rhubarb pie filling has been a HUGE hit around here! Thanks so much for the recipe-

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