Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Time Flies

Remember little Owen Augustus...
now 4 moths old.

He has just about outgrown his mama's cradle. Looking pretty well nourished as he enjoys a visit with grandma.

And Hanks has started preschool. He only goes for an hour and a half each day but seems to like it. He was more impressed with his glow in the dark batman shirt that first day than school itself. His latest loves are dinosaurs and he sets up dino diaramas all over grandmas floors. We have rocks and trees and dinos everywhere. Until Gypsy steals them and then there is trouble in dinoland. 

His second love is BATMAN! 

Hank still makes regular appearances to graze through grandma's garden. His mama has to fight with him to eat meat but he will eat just about any veggie in that garden RAW! 

He and his Mom had their first garden together this year and he is quite the gardener at 3. Think maybe this one might walk in mamaw and papaw's footsteps : )

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Handsome young ones.

    Walking in your footsteps in not a bad thing!

  2. CQ,

    Beautiful grand babies!!! I so love it, your grandson eats vegetables!! I know you know how hard it is to get little ones to eat vegetables when their young. Having your grandson to eat raw vegetables right from the garden is just so amazing and wonderful.

  3. Hank is a very smart youngster! That Owen looks very content!

  4. Just what i suspected, some growth due to your vegatables :o) enjoy the grands they grow quickly .love ya! Ginny

  5. They are so cute! Eating veggies raw from the garden at that age is fantastic! Kids grow way too fast don't they? Enjoy them.

  6. How cute they both are!! Can I have some seeds off that vine you picked them from?? LOL

  7. Grandchildren are such a joy. Your grandsons are quite handsome and what a blessing that they live close by.

    Our grandson isn't much of a meat eater either and has always loved every vegetable. He's ten now and we recently took him out for lunch and he ordered his favorite; a side order of Broccoli. Our other two grandchildren (different parents) won't eat many vegetables but will eat meat in abundance. Makes life interesting when we all gather around the table :).


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