Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Home Comes The Hunter

The last few weeks the Monday morning pics update has been fish laid out across O Wise One's tail gate. This week Dove season opened last Sunday. And as usual he did not come home empty handed.

I see some "how to cook dove" posts in my future. For right now those doves are snuggled up in my freezer. 

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. Well now you have something to eat besides fish, LOL.

    You can always tell when September has arrived here, as soon as the sun starts to peek over the mountains, shotguns going off all over. Saturday night I had 20 doves at least in my front pasture, last night I only saw 2 young ones here scratching for food in my driveway. Good eating but sad to see them go, one had a nest in the tree above my truck, she was out of the nest just about a week ago.

  2. I thought they were chickens at first until I noticed that they were really small compared to the tray they are on. Opps LOL

    My hubby doesn't hunt birds (well turkey he goes after), but deer he does. He already has the first week of deer bow season off from work. I need to go get a new chest freezer for the venison. The hubby has 8 tags to fill between our state and Pennsylvania when he goes on a group hunting trip with friends. Goodness knows what I am going to do with all the meat if he fills all the tags.

    1. My hubby hunts turkey and deer as well. Every year our little chest freezer is always so packed I keep complaining that we need another one lol. His uncle finally cleaned out his garage and decided to give us his upright freezer. Yeah!! More room for venison. You could can the deer meat if you run out of room in your freezer. Makes it very tender.

  3. We have some beautiful doves that live amongst the other feathered friends on our property. My husband hunts with a camera and takes beautiful wildlife shots, which suits me just fine :):).

    Enjoy all those fish and birds!

  4. Im trying to figure out seeds to save. How to ferment tomato seeds, do I just remove the bean from the green bean pod then let dry. I am stumped on the plants that dont have seeds in the food, like zucchini. I never seen em. I sound ignorant because I am, but wanna learn and the books I have dont go into specifics. Too poor at the moment to buy new books. But your bounty is awesome! Enjoy!!

  5. We watched Doves land on our deck posts all weekend long but didn't shoot a one, might have hurt the post. Bird shoots haven't started in our neck of the woods yet.

  6. Yum.. when I was a kid, our entire family and those of some of our friends would all go out together & have an all day hunt.. then in the evening, we'd come home & have a big bbq with bacon wrapped dove as the star of the show.. next to Freddy Fender and his band who used to play at some of them. Good eatin' that stuff is!

  7. Beautiful. There is just something doubly reassuring about fresh home grown and wild meat in storage.

    Maria caught three catfish yesterday and we fed five plus families.

  8. No dove season here....yet. It looks like it might be in the works. I do hunt squirrel, turkey and deer. Fish are limited to whatever boat I can ride, so it was salmon this year. But, in exactly one week, I will be sitting in the woods hunting for...




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