Friday, May 24, 2013

The Return Of The Flowers

My mama's Rugosa Roses are blooming again and the smell of roses is on the air. Can there be a more beautiful smell on earth. With the windows open you can detect that scent all through the house. 

The spirea or bridal wreath as my mother always referred to this shrub is  putting on quite the show right now.

 The bees are really swarming to the chives in bloom.

And they especially love the cheddar pinks or dianthus with their strong scent of cloves.

The Iris are just starting to bloom,  the Columbine have been blooming however for about a week. With the return of the Columbine the hummingbirds have showed up for this year as well. 

I love that combination of red, yellow and blue.

The Knockout roses are especially lush this year with all the rain but have not started to bloom yet. 

The pink Knockout going down the steps have one or two buds just open but are loaded with buds.

After a long brown winter it is so nice to have many of these old friends come back and cover my beds with color. What has May brought to bloom in your yard this week?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. The aquilegia are out in bloom, the allium bulbs and the clematis Montana are just coming into bloom.
    My iris are way behind yours & no rose buds to be seen!
    Can't wait for when it all does burst into colour, think it'll be glorious sight after a very long winter.

  2. such a beautiful combo those Iris and Columbine make...!! my Iris just finished up here in West Kentucky this week... great illustration of our different zones...

  3. My Iris are just coming out as well. I am really enjoying the burst of color that this time of year brings.

  4. Your flowers are beautiful! Are those red columbines the ones that are indigenous or a hybrid?
    Have a great day!

  5. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Spirea is one of my favorites that i want to put in at the Country House (wish it was prettier when it wasn't blooming though).

  6. Love seeing flowers burst into bloom. Here in the mountains of NW Arkansas, my knockout roses are just knocking themselves out blooming red and pink. I've never had so many buds on them. My David Austin Old English Roses are in full bloom on the arbor with lots of budsleft to open and they actually beat the Japanese Beetles this year again. The yellow and purple Japanese iris are opening in various clumps and the old fashioned grape (smells like grape kool aid) iris are almost finished. The hybrids are still loaded with buds.

    I have several varieties of clematis and the Nelly Moser and white are done, but some that have cross pollinated are just starting to bloom. I couldn't get them to grow very well when we lived in Jackson Co. MO, but here, I have volunteer clematis everywhere, even growing up trees in the woods.

    The pink honeysuckle is in full bloom and will bloom all summer until frost. The wild honeysuckle planted by the bedroom window is just coming into it's own and so sweet to smell first thing in the morning.

    The pink Mexican primrose is a sight to see swaying in the breeze and the yellow foxglove
    is loaded with buds ready to burst open. I'd love to walk through your flower plantings with you and share cuttings and seeds!!! We've had 24.85 inches of rain thus far this year and the flowers are loving it. Consequently, because our vegetable garden is slow to drain, we just got it planted last week. This is probably way more information than you wanted to know about my flowers, but I love looking at yours and following you up and down the rows of your veg garden.... LOL!!!!

    1. Grape Iris? I am going to have to find me some of that! I love pink a kid it was all over my parents farm. I never get tires of hearing about anyone's flowers or gardens. I am a true gardener at heart and have been my whole life : ) Hugs CQ

  7. Wow... you've got a beautiful show going on there.. I love flowers... I have a couple hips from a rugosa I grabbed last year at Niagra Falls when my mom was visiting... I've not planted them but I really need to. I'll have to see how long the seeds are viable.

    I love your iris & columbine photos.. just gorgeous & so is that spirea.. I see it in other peoples yards & I just adore it... Just dont really see any space for it here at my place since Im trying to incorporate perennial edibles in my sun spaces. Actually, I love all of your photos. :D

    Right now I've got a few roses on my Rose Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose... I've got several cuttings that Im trying to root right now.. I love this beauty... Shes so grand!

    My hellebores are still holding their blooms beautifully as is my Variegated Weigela.. I've got a few Columbines scattered here & there that are just starting to bloom now.. I've got a nice sized Siberian Bugloss that is in bloom and it looks like my sweet woodruff is just finishing its show..

    Next week, my peonies will be blooming & my rose will be in the full throes of blossom!! ♥
    Looking forward to that!!

  8. You are so right, it is so nice to see the spring blooms! Your flowers are just lovely! Is there anything better than the scent of roses drifting thru the air? Well maybe lilacs! lol.. Thanks for sharing your pretty blooms!

  9. Your flowers are beautiful! My knock out roses bloomed this week! Oh how I am loving Spring! Have a wonderful day!


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