Thursday, April 18, 2013


Severe storms went through our area last night bringing heavy rain, high winds and hail. This morning the rain continues and the news is full of rain totals in some areas of 5 inches or more, road closings and flood warnings. I have already received several emails inquiring as to our safety so I thought I would let friends and family know we are safe and sound. I actually got quite a bit accomplished yesterday.  

I had a bag of garlic in my pantry that was starting to go bad so I minced it and threw it in the dehydrator. Yes my house smells like garlic! 

I also managed to get my broccoli, cabbage and onions replanted. Those of you that follow my blog know that a groundhog managed to clean out my garden several days ago and I have started over. On the groundhog front we still have not managed to catch the culprit but with high winds, lightning and heavy storms O Wise One was not able to sit out there last night. He has been spending several hours every evening staking out the garden with a gun in an attempt to catch the fiend. As for me I have gardened all my life on and off and I know that each seed I plant is a roll of the dice. A hundred things could go wrong before that seed bears fruit and I get a harvest. You accept that risk with every seed that you plant. Still at times gardening can be very frustrating but I am hooked. Yes my name is CQ and I have a problem : ) 

I also managed to get both dogs bathed and clipped yesterday. Boy that was a job! I had let their hair grow out during the coldest months and Gypsy looked like a little black woolly sheep. It was just in time too because with the thunder, lightning and hail both dogs ended up cowering in the bed last night with us....

We have gotten over 3 inches as of this morning and the rain continues. I am going to finish my laundry and think I will crawl under the quilt frame to finish out this storm. Hoping everyone out there in the path of these storms stays safe.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter 


  1. Glad to hear everything is good up there.

  2. Glad to hear you all are safe & sound.. Looks like you're putting your time inside to good use. Blessings!

  3. CQ,

    I'm happy to hear your family is okay after this storm. Granted we really needed this rain but not all of it at once, lol.... Flooding over this way too, and we had one tornado not to far from our home. Everyone is okay here. Expecting more rain today and temperatures dropped dramatically. Have a wonderful day and don't work to hard.

  4. Rain? Ya its in Michigan RIGHT NOW! We apparently have inadequate storm drains in this small town, as fancy as it is and it doesn't allow chickens. I have water coming over the threshold of my side door and a garden hose pressure "leak" coming into the basement. Along with a few other assorted spirts. I just set an emergency pump near that side door, hosing the water to the other side of the yard in hopes of......nah I don't have any hope. The only bright side is the floors and carpet are now cleaned in the basement by a river of water.

    :) Might as well laugh.

  5. Glad you guys made it through safe & sound & I'm not the least bit surprised that you got so much done. Good luck getting that ground hog. We are going to be Beaver hunting this weekend. They are fine to look at but when they start destroying things .... it's time to go.

  6. I heard you guys up North were supposed to get snow, again. Just thankful you only got rain this time, so far!

  7. good to hear that you are safe-we continue too with these spring storms and lots of rain


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