Friday, April 19, 2013

Owen Augustus

New grandchild Owen Augustus has returned home from the hospital now with his family. Augustus has been decided as his middle name. It is a family name from her father's side of the family. 

Hank wanted to name his new baby brother Batman. 

Mom and Dad were not on board. 

Now that Mom and Dad were home from the "baby store"  we returned Hank back to his parents and his own bed. Whew am I wore out...

There is a reason god makes young women able to conceive!!

Again I cradle a new grandchild in my lap, again I look into the eyes of my child's own child and see the next generation before me. I have to wonder as I am sure most grandparents did before me what the future holds for this child. What will the world be like when he is a man? 

 But for now Owen Augustus sleeps peacefully in grandma's lap. His belly full, his diaper dry and all is well with the world. 

And grandma is thankful for another prayer answered and another blessing bestowed. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Congrats on becoming a granny again :)
    Had to chuckle at Hanks name suggestion....Batman! So funny.

  2. Such a cutie. Congrats!

  3. CQ,

    Congratulations on becoming a Grandmother once again.
    Beautiful picture of you and Owen.

  4. Love the name. I wanted to name my son Augustus and call him Gus for short, but my husband wanted to name him after his grandfather instead. So we have a little Edward. Congratulations on a new grandchild! Such a blessing.

  5. Congratulations! And we know what it is like as we just went through he same thing. I read your comments to Rita about being worn out caring for Hank. We relate completely. Jackson is the sweetest boy around, but it wears us out having a child in the house 24/7.

    Owen is a precious bundle. Looks like a big, healthy boy. That's what we like!

  6. Very sweet. Congratulations on a new addition to the family.

  7. Wow, he's just beautiful & yes, all is right with the world when you hold an infant in your arms.

  8. So so sweet.. I just returned home from 2 weeks with my daughter & her brand new baby girl, Inara Jade.. and my 4 year old granddaughter Lyra... It was a wonderful time and I miss them so badly already... Baby Inara loves her Nonna.. She was most happy in my arms and I was most happy with her in my arms as well. ;)
    Lots of blessings to you & yours...

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  10. So cute. I'm know you're enjoying. Grandchildren are such a blessing, but once they're mobile will definitely wear you out. If only we could borrow some of the energy we'd get that long "To Do" list finished in no time! My 9 yr old grandson is named Levi Augustus so I really like the new grandbaby's name.

  11. Awww, congratulations to all of you. may God Bless his future.


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