Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Grape Pruning

Early every spring before the sap rises we cut back our grape vines. This gets rid of all that dead wood making way for the new growth. Above you can see before pruning. 

And in this picture the after. This allows more air circulation and sunlight penetration reducing fungal diseases. 

Now that they are all pruned they will be top dressed with compost and manure and a fresh layer of straw mulch to help retain moisture and discourage weeds. 

Most years we are able to grow a pretty decent grape harvest with no spraying at all. 

Now if I was really on top of things I would be making some grape vine baskets with these vines. Just what I need another project/hobby!

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. That is a really awesome arbor there I love it! Those grapes are gorgeous too.
    Last year I wanted to buy some cattle panels to raise my tomatoes on. I live in a town with no farm & garden center anywhere near (about 30 miles away is the closest one) so we built one out of wood instead..It was cheaper but it sure wasnt faster. ;)

    I've seen folks use them bent over like that to stack wood in and then covered the panels with a tarp to keep it dry.. Hey.. if it works, why not!

    Have a great day!

    1. Stock panels are one of the handiest things you can have on a homestead. That and a few T posts and you have instant fencing, fruit arbors, trellising for running vegetables, I have even seen greenhouses made from them. There are plans floating around for some great pens made with them also. We are fortunate to have quite a few that we have procured through the years from farm sales and such used.

  2. Ooh I'm knee deep making all the brother n sissters grape vine wreaths from dads male vine. those grapes look awesome!! Hubby wants to make his own wine someday but like all our projects we seem to be a long way off. would live Mr.O to share his wine making.

    1. We have just gotten some new wine making supplies to make wine this year if the fruit trees cooperate. The last two years with a drought have been somewhat lean on the fruit production. We have gotten some fruit but not an abundance : )

  3. I love your blog! What do you do with your grape harvest? Dry them? Make juice/wine?

  4. CQ,

    How long did it take for your vines to start producing these good looking grapes?
    Wine and Juice, sounds wonderful.

    1. For us they went into full production about year 4 but as always some years are better than others depending on weather conditions.

  5. Great post, CQ. We just started grapes this year, and after seeing your garden, I'm thinking we may not have given them enough room.


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