Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting Ready

Every few years we end up with a bumper fruit crop. With a drought looming last year and late spring frosts the year before it has been 3 years since we really had a great fruit year. We are due. With large established trees of apple, peaches, and plums not to mention blackberries, rhubarb, strawberries and grapes there are a limit to the number of pies and jars of jam that one family consume. 

I have found that a great way to use up that less than perfect fruit or extra fruit after all the canning is done is to make wine. Despite the fact that I rarely drink I do enjoy making wine. It's a new challenge I guess. 

So look what I got in the mail! These are for aging my wine and along with a new wine making kit that I got for a Christmas present I am ready for that bumper fruit crop.  

I got these from Freund Container And Supply. Made in the USA they are heavy weight and seem of excellent quality.  I'm all set now but sure hope mother nature cooperates this year. I think my first wine will be some rhubarb wine : )

While most women dream of diamonds and pearls I have a long list of wishful items I would love from this company. As the occasion and finances permit I hope to make several future orders. Wouldn't the above jars filled with herbed olive oils be divine as Christmas gifts. Flavored with my homegrown basil, rosemary or chives.   

And the big pickle jars are great not only for storage of things like flour, rices and grains but I brine my pickles right in the jars. 

And even better they carry the large lids that fit my existing barrel jars. I used to buy them from the local Amish but they are getting hard to find.  

 And I never have enough glass spice jars. Wouldn't sets of these be nice gifts filled with homegrown herbs and maybe some custom Hickery Holler labels nestled in small Amish baskets. And they have the larger size spice jars all the way to 32 ounces. Man could I use some of them! 

And I am seriously loving these filled with some of my homemade vanilla extract. 

These guys are definitely tempting me : )

You name the container they have it. Syrup jars or food grade buckets, plastic spray bottles, makeup containers, lotion pumps. A girl could definitely get in trouble on a site like this. 

Check them out. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Hubby and I were just this instant wondering where we could get some glass bottles for a project! Thanks for the info and link. What a timely post!

  2. Sounds like to much fun...I may have to check it out. I do enjoy your blog. Just getting our half acre going. This is our second year.

  3. Fun! I am so looking forward to seeing your garden again this year... I love seeing what you're growing and this will be my first year with my own garden so reading your posts will be double inspiring :)


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