Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Storm

Yikes! We woke up this morning to ominous clouds in the southwestern sky. A little after daybreak Mother Winter came to visit in a big way. With white out conditions here I don't think we will be going anywhere for awhile yet. They are predicting over a foot but we shall see. As for the Hickery Holler gang we are all hanging out inside where it is warm and all have plenty of projects to last us until it all thaws. 

O Wise One went out this morning and made sure all the animals had plenty food and water and will venture out occasionally to replace frozen water and to update the feed troughs. The goats and chickens are shut up in their respective houses and bedded down.  The hound pups have been bedded down in a big kennel in the laundry room by the freezer to ride out the storm. The scotties are piled up on the couch upstairs watching tv with O Wise One. 

This morning early as he was making his rounds with the two hound pups and Gypsy the scottie dog at his heels he said he saw the biggest coyote he has ever seen. The scary part is that it charged to within 10 feet of him. He thinks it was after the pups. He managed to scream at it and bang around and scare it off but it has either lost it's fear of man or was really hungry. He has decided to take the gun with him for the next couple days feeding up. If it comes that close again he will attempt to shoot it. Wild animals that lose their fear of man are not a good scenario on a homestead. Besides that he was way too close to the chicken and goat pens for comfort. 

Yesterday I baked cookies for the 4-H meeting refreshments and have lots leftover so they have plenty of snacks in the house. I also put on a large pot of spaghetti sauce and we had 2 corned venison roasts that needed to be taken out of brine and cooked. They are now sliced in the fridge. So we have plenty food prepared so we should be good. I have several library books beside my bed and 3 Netflix discs upstairs by the tv. 

So if we can manage to keep power we should be set. If I don't post for a couple days you will know why.

Everyone out there stay warm and safe and we will see you on the other side of this storm.

The Canned Quilter


  1. Same here, we have about a foot of snow, just enough wind to make it miserable outside. All of our animals are in, hoping for a warmer day tomorrow.

    Blessings, Mel

  2. Well that sucks ! We have lovely blue sky's and sunshine today ! It will be spring soon . Stay cozy and safe and have a good evening !

  3. We had a coyote sighted right here in town about a month ago...scarey. My new neighbor is about to build her chicken coop and plans to start raising them soon. Weather here today is warm, but we're due for the cold snap soon (Black Mountain, NC)

  4. I know what your are going through. We have had our share of snow this year. We also have had our share of freezing rain. I think that I would rather have a foot of snow than freezing rain anyday. Here in NW PA we are expected to have a mix of everything tomorrow, freezing rain and snow. Glad you are safe and sound and enjoy the warmth of your home.

  5. I just read in another blog about coyotes tracking people and their dogs.
    Be safe and warm!
    *hugs* ♥


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