Friday, February 22, 2013

Rabbit And Noodles

With fresh eggs in abundance and rabbit freshly canned I decided that it was time to make some homemade noodles and rabbit. Believe it or not I had this on the table in an hour.  Chunks of sweet white meat swimming in a thick broth thickened teeming with onions, peppers and green onions. Quick doesn't always have to be fast food. 

I started out with a quart of rabbit and broth and a quart of broth. 

Out of the pantry I dug up some dried onions, red peppers, and green onions. All out of last years garden. 

Into my cast iron pot went my broth and my meat, dried onions, peppers, green onions, pepper, salt, thyme, rosemary and parsley. Then I let my pot come to a full boil and boil for about 10 minutes.  

Earlier I had already mixed up and cut my egg noodles. For the recipe click HERE

So they were waiting to go in my hot bubbling broth. 

Just drop a few at a time into the hot bubbling broth and allow them to cook until done stirring as you add more noodles. 

Once the noodles are done I simply mixed 3 tablespoons flour with a half cup of sweet cream and poured into the hot broth and noodles and allowed to simmer for several minutes and thicken. Then turn off and they are ready to serve hot. You can do this with canned chicken, turkey, and even venison. With venison I use canned venison stew meat, mushrooms and make a very thick broth and then when cooked add sour cream for a stroganoff type dish.  

With that I served a skillet of hot buttermilk biscuits. For the recipe click HERE

And a sweet potato cake for dessert rich again with those farm fresh eggs (like the noodles) and bits of grated sweet potatoes from last falls harvest. Another home cooked meal fresh from the farm. Homegrown rabbit meat, sweet potatoes eggs and spices. A good hot meal for a late wintry drizzly day.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I live in mid-Missouri. Nice to see a "close to home blogger". Please, please, please post the recipe for the cake and coconut-pecan frosting. That looks divine! Also I would love to know how you dry the onions/peppers, spices. What a great looking meal that you made with stuff right there at home. I'm in awe! :)

  2. WOO WEE ! All that looks YUMMY ! I haven't had rabbit for years . My brother has an old movie of me when I was younger carrying a rabbit back to the house after hunting . I think that was the last time I had rabbit meat ! I haven't had Deer, Duck or even Goose in ages either come to think of it lol ! I guess I have changed to much with the times as I grew up . Trying to get back to the old ways taking time but I will get there especially with reading your wonderful blog how to's . Thanks for sharing all you do with us and how ! Have a good day !


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