Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Projects And Dish Scrubbies

With rainfall the middle of last week and snow this weekend everything is pretty much a snowy/muddy mess. The cold weather has also returned for this week.   

All this yucky weather has inspired me to tackle lots of cleaning projects including several closets. Since Baby O has also moved upstairs and we cleaned out her outgrown clothing I have a large pile of old clothing to cut up into rags and strips for rugs and quilts. I am slowly working my way through my pile. 

 I had several requests for a picture of the bags I crocheted out of plastic grocery bag strips. This one is Hank's and he uses it to carry his children's books around the house. At naptime he goes and retrieves his book bag for grandma to read him books from. When he leaves for home his bag is put away until next visit.  I also have several of these in the trunk of the car. They are so handy as grocery bags or even better when I visit those vegetable stands they can really hold their weight in produce. Great for shopping garage sales and trips to the library too! Sorry there really isn't a pattern I just sat down and crocheted the bag off the cuff. Nothing fancy but they sure are handy and so much more sturdy than those bags before they are crocheted. So for anyone wanting to try it I would recommend finding a bag pattern online that you like and trying your hand at recycling those plastic bags. 

Here lately at night I have been crocheting scratch pads for washing dishes. I found an old Halloween costume while closet cleaning that had lots of netting to make the skirt puffy. (Netting and not tulle) 

I found the pattern linked below online for making scratch pads from nylon netting. What a great way to recycle the netting from those old costumes and I may not have to buy scratch pads for quite some time. I have  a half dozen now tucked away in my dishtowel drawer : ) These can be thrown into the washing machine and washed supposedly and won't scratch your dishes. So far mine has worked great...

So with lots of cleaning to go yet I am always ready for night time and an hour or so after dinner of quiet crocheting and a good DVD to watch. I am hoping to have most of my spring cleaning done long before spring and gardening season. This week's project is cleaning over the kitchen cabinets and wiping them down. Some time this month I want to make some more soap also. 

I have a new quilt top ready for the frame and hope to get it basted and stretched this week also. I'll take pictures when I get it on the frame. So as you can see although last week was a slow week for blogging we are getting lots done. 

What projects are you tackling this winter?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I LOVE those bags you made! What a great idea!

  2. Thank you so much for posting the picture of the crochet grocery bag! I am currently working on a shawl, and some socks.

    That puppy picture is so cute!

  3. I tackle a lot more when it's not so cold! Once we are in the house, I think I will be able to organize and eventually I might learn crocheting.
    Right now it's enough to try and figure out sewing!

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. What a neat idea for the scrubbies. I like the bag made out of plastic bread wrappers. My grandma used to crochet rugs out of the wrappers. She bought different brands of bread to make her rugs more colorful. I'm in the process of learning to crochet (I'm slow at it) and love to see what everyone is doing with the craft.


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