Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rocky And Bullwinikle

Remember back in the day when O Wise One told me I couldn't have goats: ) So what do he and Baby O do but go off one day buying pigs and come home with goats. It is hilarious now to see O Wise One go out across the yard with his pigs/goats trailing in his footsteps wherever he goes.   

These two little bucks were on their last leg when he came across them last spring. A good several wormings and regular feed made a whole lot of difference.

He has now created two of the biggest pests to ever roam this farm. Although he stakes them out in the hay pastures and they do a great job of eating the weeds that may come up there. They even eat the poison ivy and blackberry vines. They do have to be watched very closely for these two would make a nice meal for the stray coyote or cougar that roam these woods. Last week our neighbor lost a calf to a cougar attack. They seem to be getting braver especially now that we no longer have a big dog patrolling the place . By next year our pups should be big enough to take over that job.  

O Wise One says these are our practice goats. They are the goats that we are learning how to worm, hoof trim, goat nutrition and such. If we can raise these little wethers then he has committed to trying a milk goat in our future. We are way too old to wrestle with a big milk cow but I think we can handle a nanny goat.  I am dreaming of fresh milk, cheese and butter and the capability of producing it ourselves. Just one more thing that we can produce ourselves and not need to buy off of this farm. These two are pretty darn tame for lawnmowers though. 

Hugs from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Oh how you will love goat milk! All my life we had milk cows and only after I got old did we get goats. Wish I had done it a lot sooner as they are so easy to care for and are such loving animals.

    1. I do use goat milk in my soaps and love it! I have never made butter or cheese with it though : )

  2. Congratulations!
    I would love to have our own milker of some sort; but my hubby isn't too keen on that, either.
    Wish I knew a farmer that sold it, but so many have gone out of business around here now.
    I would still like to get goats. I've heard they are good for poison ivy.
    Have a great day!

    1. There are not many around here that sell goats milk either.

  3. Goats will eat anything . I guess the goats looking at him touched a bit of a soft spot to bring them home ! They are cheeky animals but fun ! Have a good day !

  4. CQ,

    Now who was it that said no goats? O'Wise One has a soft heart for animals :-)
    I think you'll be getting your milking goat sooner than you think.

  5. Oh, they are adorable! I'm sure your hubby is crazy about them:)

    I have always loved goats so much. I have two 'potential' milkers for this year. One is getting closer to kidding time, so we are getting her 'kidding pen' ready. The other is a month or so behind her. I am looking forward to their sweet babies.I purchased a 'Henry Milker' and really like it. I got to try it out on the oldest as she was in the process of drying up when I got her. It works really well and is easy on the hands, if you have any trouble with injury or arthritis.

  6. Beautiful! Glad your desire for goats have been met :)


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