Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Around To It

The glare in my dining room window in the winter is terrible. But O Wise One hates curtains. After all we have no neighbors. There is not a human for miles that can see in this window and O Wise One likes to sit here and drink his coffee and watch the wildlife. As we get older though he finds that the glare from the snow is blinding and hurts his eyes. For years we have just had a small ruffled valance here. He decided it was time for curtains and especially when there are no leaves on the trees to shade that part of the porch. 

So in O Wise One fashion he went out in the shed and found some wood and made me a curtain rod for that big window with a shelf on top.  That wood has been there forever! It is pecky maple bought from a lumber mill when we lived in Louisiana. I stained it on the front porch with stain and urethane left over from other projects. So the cost of this project was $0.

And O Wise One hung it on the wall above that window. And there it sat...................

and sat.............

Until I sat down at the sewing machine Saturday and finally made drapes. After almost a year I finally got around to it. Yep drapes in a day. Just simple drapes that could be taken down in summer and replaced with just a ruffled valance to let in all that summer sunshine. Made from recycled material from a long ago project. This was once a huge curtain that hung over a sliding glass door almost 15 years ago. Recut and remade to fit this window the total cost $0.  

Now all I have to do is maybe make some lace sheers and find something to go on the top of that shelf : ) 

Preferably before another year.....

I am seriously considering making winter quilted drapes for that window. Wouldn't that be warm and help keep that heat in.   

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  1. wow...y'all amaze me at how talented you both are. Love the curtains...your home is lovely...:)

  2. Love the curtains. I have always struggled with our living room as it is filled with two picture windows and our front door is all glass and has two sidelight windows. My husbands aunt always said that curtains should not be on windows. The trim is the frame to the outside world. We are like you though. No neighbors can see in here but there is that darn glare. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I just emailed my husband a link to this page. We have five foot stacks of lumber in our garage, and he has every sort of saw, grinder and router. I'm going to see this one thru. If you husband has written plans, can you email them to me at

    Many thanks,
    Mary Kellogg

    1. Honey O Wise One don't work that way. Plans???? This man totally rolls off the cuff.

  4. I love the curtain rod/shelf. Beautiful job! The new curtains really bring out the blue in your flower pot & make it so much prettier too.

    I made window quilts for almost all of my windows. Our house faces full west & the heat from the sun is unbearable in the summer. So I use mine year round. In summer, quilts go down when when the sun shines in & in winter they go down as the sun goes down. It's made a huge difference in the comfort level in our house, especially in the heat of the summer.

  5. I love it!! Can I borrow the two of you for a couple days? I need curtains in the livingroom as the sun is murder in winter. I could also use new kitchen curtains with shelf rods. LOL

  6. Beautiful woodwork and drapes! I too have the need to look out the window, yet the winter can make a room seem so stark. So I did what you are doing, I put up drapes for certain months (winter) and then take them down to enjoy the beautiful outdoors after and before! When you take them down, the room suddenly seems so much larger also.

  7. Good for you. I've got a roll of drape material just sitting in the closet waiting for me to wake up and get the sewing maching rolling.

  8. Beautiful work! I love your idea of making window quilts :-)

  9. Nice Job! Love the idea of the shelf over the window - perfect place for my teacup collection! LOL...

  10. Simple to you, but they look pretty amazing to me. Congratulations!

  11. Love it! Isn't it nice to be able to recycle and improve life without it costing much of anything?


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