Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Tale Of The Purple Rooster

One day I received a box in the mail. Seems I had won a drawing from my friend Gail over AT THE FARM blogspot. Now I have very rarely won anything... maybe because I am just not one of those people that enters much. Very rarely do I buy lottery tickets and occasionally I might buy a raffle ticket if it is for a good cause. Gail and I talk via our blogs and email almost everyday so if anyone knows what I like or dislike it is probably Gail. So when I opened my box what did I find but quilting material. After all I LOVE quilting material and a girl NEVER has too much. And lotion that smelled so heavenly that I have to fight Baby O for it(because it does smell heavenly). And a cookbook, a chocolate cookbook no less, because we all know my weakness for baked goods. And a gourd for crafts and seeds because I never turn down seeds. And last but not least a purple squeaking chicken for my beloved dogs. And maybe because Gail is a dog lover too!

Gypsy.... my little girl scottie dog just needed this chicken. Because she only has boxes of toys and that is never enough. Most toys my dogs get are immediately mutilated but not this chicken. You see Gypsy never goes anywhere without this chicken. Every little girl scottie dreams of a purple and teal polkadot rooster in their life. And one that squeaks no less. We have taken to calling the purple squeaking chicken "Alfred". Grandchildren are not allowed near her beloved Alfred and when they come he is immediately hidden in Mom's bed.

Or in her box. 

There are many things that I enjoy about publishing my own blog. My mornings just never seem complete without my cup of coffee every morning and my time spent reading my friends blogs and posting to my own. I am so thankful for the people I have met and visit with regularly. So to Gail we have to say thank you so much for Alfred. Gypsy will never forget your kindness in remembering my puppies with your box of goodies. And life will never be the same with Alfred around. 

Although if we could figure out how to get the squeaker out of him our life would indeed be ideal in Hickery Holler : )

Hugs to Gail and the At The Farm gang

Canned Quilter and Company

Hickery Holler Farm


  1. Hahaa! Love Alfred! I wish a favorite could be found for all here. But alas, one monkey steals everyones stuff.

  2. Too funny! My dog Cody would have had that squeaker out in two seconds flat, unless it was a squirrel toy. Real squirrels he will kill but the stuffed kind he'll treat like its his most prized possession.

  3. Isn't it funny what becomes special in our lives?....who would have thought a purple chicken would make you smile so the post...:)

  4. I am so sorry Alfred still squeaks! That means he is handled gently and well loved.

    1. Hugs to ya lady as he is indeed appreciated by one little dog and extremely well loved : )

  5. Haha. Congratulations again, CQ. :o)

    I'm sure the squeaker will wear out one day...

  6. coffee & blog reading just go hand in hand don't they lol! the purple chicken is too cute!


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