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Legacy Jars


Back in the Fall I was approached about sampling a new brand of canning jar. Many times during the year I am approached to test products but make it a rule to only do a few a year and only products that pertain directly to the subjects of this blog. I received no money for this review but instead only 1 case of sample half pint jars to use. The name of the jar is Legacy.  

In my 35 years of canning I have seen many different jars and own many different jars in my 1500 jar working collection. I have to say that these Legacy jars were a nice weight and comparable to the competing american brands. The seams were done nicely, no burrs or rough spots. The Legacy jars have clear measurement markings on the side and even a blank side for those that like to attach labels. All in all in clarity of the glass, weight and workmanship these jars seemed of really good quality. 

The rims were smooth which is very important for a tight seal and the bottom of the jars good and level. Don't laugh as I have run across the occasional jar through the years that has not been! 

The half pint jars were used for a batch of blackberry jam that will go into Christmas baskets for neighbors and friends.  

The Legacy jars held up well to not only the sterilizing process but also went through the boiling water canner beautifully. Every jar sealed without a hitch using the lids and rings provided with the jars. 

With a decorative cloth cap and some ribbon these will make beautiful gifts.

So what are my concerns for these jars. The Legacy rings and lids were heavier than the brands I have been using on the market lately which I like. More like the rings and lids of old. It just seems to me like the lids and rings have gotten thinner as the years have progressed. 

However the Legacy lids, above left, had no coating on the underside of the lid, a Ball lid to the right with that white coating. On the flip side that white coating on most name brand lids is also what has BPA in it. But again the Legacy lids do seem heavier and I have to wonder if there would be less problems with over tightening and rippling lids with these lids. That is just a guess on my part. 

Over the years it seems canning rings in general have gotten lighter and lighter. Rusting sooner and many times dented and bent straight out of the cases and boxes. Notice the bent Ball ring above. This ring has never been used but came out of the case that way. Since I have only used these Legacy rings one time I cannot tell you if they will rust sooner or dent more than the other brands but I can say they seemed heavier. 

Another interesting tidbit is that I made a batch of canned dried beans before I made the jam. The beans were canned in both Ball jars, lids and rings. The beans pressure canned and the jam processed in a boiling water bath. They were cooled side by side overnight on the kitchen  counter.  All jars sealed wonderfully. The next morning the finger tightened rings on the beans with the Ball lids were removed with little trouble but were still reasonably tight. The rings on the jam which were Legacy rings were extremely loose. As the jars cooled I have to wonder if the Legacy jars contracted or did the rings expand more as they cooled. Those were the only differences in performance of the two brands of lids and rings both new out of the box.  

A plus with the Legacy jars is that all the rings and lids seem interchangeable and the Ball lid and ring above fit the Legacy jar perfectly. I would imagine the Tattler reusable lids would also fit these jars perfectly.   Notice the clear measurements on the side in both ounces and cups and how clear the glass is. 

Now I am not going to get on my soap box here because we all know how I like to preach about buying American made products but the Legacy jar is made in China. I was asked to review the performance of the jar only so you can make up your own mind on that. 

Cost wise Legacy half pint 8 oz jars can be purchased online HERE and run about .84 cents each or $10.05 per case before shipping. Of course bulk orders are much cheaper. So if say a community got together and ordered a large order you could pay as little as .43 cents each. 

However at the same site a half pint 8 oz Ball jar starts at .90 cents a jar for that same case before shipping.  

All in all I have to say that the Legacy jars performed equally as well as the standard Ball brand jars and lids in my kitchen. 

As with any product I suggest you do your own research and make up your own mind.

 Where do get your jars?

What is your favorite brand of jar and what kind of lids do you prefer.  

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I have only been canning for a few years now and the only jars I own are Ball. The only lids I have used are Ball as well. The majority of the jars I have came from yard sales. I have had some given to me from family as well. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I have learned so much and enjoy your stories. You have a loyal follower!


  2. Right now, until I actually start canning, I buy my jars at Tractor Supply on clearance.
    As I don't even have a real kitchen yet, I only have 2 cases of jars. Yes, only 24 jars, haha.
    I have 2 or 3 times as many lids, because I know those are the most used. Bought them on clearance, too.
    I guess I better check the bands now. Especially since we have moved, because it never occurred to me that they might not be usable.
    Have a wonderful week, CQ!

  3. You had me . . until you hit the "Made in China" part! We actually stood in a store isle this year debating on an off brand of jars or the Ball. The big sticker on the side of the box that said USA Made sold us. We paid a bit more but it's the principle of the thing, as I always say. Sure wish these companies could make a living here in our country!!!

    1. I hear ya! I try to stay with American myself.

  4. Darn, you had me also until I saw "Made in China". I think I'll skip. FYI, the Tattler folks are having a 30% off sale today only.

    1. I saw that earlier but thanks for the heads up : )

  5. I gladly reuse the same jars Mom and even Grandma used. Ball and Kerr. I see no difference but have noticed the lighter lids.

    I like these with measurements.

  6. I have an assortment of jars, mostly bought at yard sales and thrift stores. The majority are Bernardin, and all the lids and rings are Bernardin- the only brand the stores carry here. I did buy a few cases of new jars this year, and decided to save a bit of cash and try Golden Harvest. They worked fine, but I did notice a couple of jars with bubbles in the glass. They are made in the U.S.

  7. Thanks for the updated post on these jars. I am just getting into canning and I'm glad I found your blog! I have bought all my jars from thrift stores and pay around 30c each. I only buy ball or kerr.


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