Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sweet Potatoes!!

Autumn here is usually rainy for us. With a huge amount of rain dumped by hurricane Isaac and rain again in the forecast we thought it might be smart to dig the sweet potatoes and get them started on the curing process. Sometimes when you get a lot of rain at one time they can start to rot in the ground if you are not careful. We had dug a box last week but wanted to get them finished. Just another chore off the long list.  

As you can see they seemed to really love that long hot summer despite the drought. We did manage to water them about once a week. 

Once they are dug we lay them in the sun for about 6 hours to dry the dirt. Then we take and wipe some of the soil off with our hands. 

Then we layer them in cardboard boxes loosely between layers of newspaper and place them in a warm shed to cure. We leave them in the hot shed for about 3 weeks to cure then store the boxes in the bottom of a dark closet upstairs in a cool room that we have the heater vent turned down in. We will let them sit in the boxes inside for atleast a month before we start to eat them. The potatoes need that time to cure and get sweeter before they are eaten. So about the middle or end of October we will start enjoying those sweet potato pies, cakes and baked sweet potatoes. 

Since we have about 65 pounds of potatoes I will share some with my older daughter and her family and put some in jars also. That isn't bad at all for only about 12 plants. These are Beauregard sweet potatoes. I will also have to remember to set a couple aside for starting eyes for next year.

We are glad to get another harvest completed and move on to getting the garden cleared and put to bed for the winter. 

Blessings from The Holler 

The Canned Quilter


  1. I'm glad I read this , after I dig ours, now I' ll know how to cure and store them. Ty for This potato post:)

  2. I have never raised sweet potatoes, but your look so good. That large one looks large enough to make a pie.

    Do you cure your Irish potatoes the same way? This year we raised some red and some white potatoes. We laid layed them on the grass and washed them with a hose, then let them dry. I was not sure if that was right or not. Then we put then on a table on the back patio in the shade. Anyway we just have a few left. Next year I hope to raise more. I have never raised enough to have through the winter, but it would be nice. As you know they taste so much better than the store bought. I just wished I had your energy. Smile

  3. Congratulations on another wonderful harvest, CQ!
    Have a blessed week. ♥

  4. Those are some great looking sweet potatoes, CQ!

  5. Such a wonderful post! I haven't grown sweet potatoes yet, but they are on my radar for next growing season. Can you tell me how many potatoes you get per plant? I don't want to be wasteful But I also don't want to be too conservative and end up with single dinner worth of potatoes.


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