Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grinding Turkey

This is what 15 1/2 pounds of ground turkey looks like.

Turkey meat trimmed from the bones awaiting the grinder. This meat is mostly from the legs, thighs and back.

Grinding and bagging at the same time. This grinder has paid for itself time and time again through the years.  

Finished product. 100 % pure meat, no fillers, preservatives, or slime.

Weighed, labeled, and taped. 

Mondays ground turkey total to date, 15 1/2 pounds. We use ground turkey in chili, spaghetti, casseroles and tacos. Sometimes mixing with other meats and sometimes not. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Thanks again for your very, very informative posts! Your blog is really one of my favorites!

  2. I will look forward to some turkey recipes. We grind our wild turkeys and I've only used them for burgers or tacos.

  3. What brand of meat grinder do you use, CQ? Is it manual or electric?
    Have a blessed day!

  4. This is great, CQ! I;m inspired to pull my meat grinder out!

  5. Wonderful! We eat a lot of pasta with turkey meat sauce and turkey meat loaf in our house. When I think of how much I would have to spend in order to have 15 pounds of beautiful, clean ground turkey meat in my freezer... Let's just say I admire your hard work and am glad you reap such healthy and delicious benefits!

  6. I have another question for you, where do you get those bags? do you need a special grinder to use bags like those? Will they work with any grinder, do you skin your turkeys or pluck them? ok, that was actually 4 questions, lol

    1. Bags com4e from LEM which is a company that sells seasonings and meat curing supplies We just have a regular grinder that has a funnel like attachment that we put inside the bag which when you turn the grinder on sends the meat inside the bag. I think the bags would work with any grinder. We skin our turkeys.

  7. Nice tool to grinding meat and for supplying it. Thanks LEM for this post.

  8. Wonderful post. Really i like this post. thanks for the guide, should be useful whenever I can afford/have the space for a meat grinder. smartfoodprocessing

  9. Do you double grind or single grind your turkey. I'm grinding some now, whole turkey meat, from both breast and dark meat. I put through a "wagon wheel" plate first, then mixed dark and light and have done some through the 5/32" hole plate, but that is taking a really long time. My husband actually like a patty I fried with the courser meat better than the finer meat. I'm considering just running it through the wagon wheel plate again to mix it but keep it course and calling it good, but I'm selling this. I could just call it "coarse ground" I guess. I could charge less for the coarse ground due to the time savings.


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